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Hey guys,I"ve left my car for a month or two parked in mine garage without beginning it So currently the battery is completely dead ! and I can"t obtain the trunk open to jump-start the car (battery in trunk)..I tried placing the crucial in the stems lock "thing" and turning it, however it won"t open up it.I additionally tried placing the key into the driver/passenger side door lock "thing" and it won"t open it.So ns can"t open up my hood or my trunk or the automobile itself..Any assist would be appreciated !BTW, I"m no a pro v W140, so i will require baby measures (PICTURES would be AWESOME) on how I can solve this problem Thanks,Adam
I"ve additionally read various other forums on right here that had this very same issue, but I couldn"t recognize what they to be trying to describe (i.e. No images at all, and the explanation was too complicated for my "newbie" skills)..Adam

This has been debated in this forum when or double before. Friend should be able to find the thread(s) pretty quickly if you use the search switch in the upper appropriate corner. Make sure you have Javascript turn on or that won"t work. An excellent luck! :thumbsup:
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Some people argued opening the hood and also connect + cable come something..and an unfavorable to ground.. Exactly how would I open up the hood there is no releasing the hood-latch from inside the auto ?Also, i don"t recognize where ns would attach the + cable to which component of mine hood ?not sure, HELP! Adam

Some people said opening the hood and also connect + cable come something..and negative to ground.. Just how would I open up the hood without releasing the hood-latch from within the vehicle ?Also, ns don"t recognize where ns would affix the + cable come which component of mine hood ?not sure, HELP! Adam
use a restroom plunger . It works. I had tried it before. Placed the toilet plunger whereby the vital go in the (key lock). Make sure its not leaking waiting then push the toilet plunger difficult . That will make the lock go approximately open. It could nor occupational on the first time. Simply keep do the efforts and try it with various doors too
Get a small battery charger, it is adapted a cigarette form adapter to the leads rotate on the ignition, in a couple of moments friend should have put a little charge right into the battery. If not open the passenger side behind door and also remove the door sill the + plus side cable runs there, pierce the cable with an awl and also use one alligator clip from your charger

i don"t understand if anyone is still analysis this thread, however how walk you ever do it??? i would try to help but im fully useless, i know that once my battery died, with the automobile locked, i simply turned the an essential and that unlocked the trunk because that me

my auto unlocked simply fine with the battery disconnected???i don"t understand how it wouldn"t unlock v the key unless her not transforming the crucial enough.

Sometimes locks can obtain sticky especially from not being used.I had this exact same problem. Take a pair of pliers, put the key in the lock and grab the key with the pliers... Then GENTLY try to torque the an essential very closely until you deserve to loosen up the lock...This might not work every time, yet I would think many of the time this will certainly make the lock revolve again.. Some type of lubricant might likewise help, however i"m not sure which type is best. I recognize that graphite lubricant must be fine, however i"m not sure if you may need something even better...Good luck with it.
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Get a small battery charger, adapt a cigarette kind adapter come the leads turn on the ignition, in a couple of moments girlfriend should have put a small charge right into the battery. If not open up the passenger side rear door and also remove the door sill the + plus next cable runs there, pierce the cable through an awl and also use one alligator clip from your charger

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it no work. Likewise if the latch releases due to lack the vacuum tribe lights will be on an interpretation you will melt the tobacco lighter wires and also catch your car on fire. Been there, almost burned mine down. That was fun rewiring this i tell because that the other im not sure what you space talking about.. The battery key wires room well out of with from what you are describing. It"s in the sticky however i"ll recap. Front passenger foot area. Remove door sill (easy or you break it),pull carpet from foot area (peel back) unscrew and also remove the steel plate that is currently uncovered. Under it listed below the dash together the foot area bends up, girlfriend will view the 3 or so big red cables end to a joint of sort). That"s her battery positive. Right there is the can either trickle charge from there or hook up a regular 12v cell and also power the auto to relax the trunk