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I have search ~ above line and also is seems that there is no simple or standard method toopen a hood if there is a cable or a latch problem.Has anyone had actually the experience and how walk you settle it?It is tough to think that there is not an emergency technique.Some web page say to rip the end the grill!:dunno:Any concepts will it is in helpful. I guess that need to get a look at a functioning e34 come come up through my own solutionif nobody knows.Is a stuck hood the uncommon?
I have search on line and is seems that over there is no easy or standard method toopen a hood if over there is a cable or a latch problem.Has anyone had actually the experience and also how walk you resolve it?It is tough to believe that there is no an emergency technique.Some web page say come rip out the grill!:dunno:Any principles will it is in helpful. Ns guess that require to obtain a look in ~ a working e34 come come up v my own solutionif nobody knows.Is a stuck hood that uncommon?

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There is a way. I have actually used it prior to successfully. That takes a small figuring out however is reasonably simple.Firstly, obtain a long stemmed flat screwdriver. Small sized I believe but not greater than medium.Then, locate the bottom that the bonnet latch, with the grills. It will certainly be to the best of the nose grills and also the left the the front left high beam headlamp.The bonnet latch has actually a rectangle-shaped orifice visible v the grills...specifically the second grill from the top.Use your screwdriver and also find this orifice. Host the flat head horizontally and also stick that in gently until it will go no further.Then, push it in difficult in a rapid motion. Usually jab that in hard. The bonnet will pop.It will certainly not work if you perform not jab the in, or merely use continuously increasing force.Basically, you space pushing the latch open from within the latch mechanism.This written summary is more than likely not ideal. Check out the attached snapshot as come the location of this square latch through the grills.Its a great idea because that anyone to shot this now also when you are not in trouble. Friend won"t be damaging the mechanism by law so. You need to be mindful not come dent the grills downward, though.I purchase a properly sized screwdriver and also kept it in my trunk permanently after my mechanic rescued me once something go wrong v the latch.I also changed the latch to a brand-new oem unit. $40 shipped and its no too difficult to readjust out. The a an excellent idea, since a damaged latch may not respond come the over emergency procedure (although it commonly would), and also everything in the automobile that has actually not to be changed, is twenty years old.Regardless, i still maintained the screwdriver.
good luck.