How carry out you open a grounding gas filler cover? For some cars over there is no fuel bar inside the vehicle for opened the fuel flap and the only means to open it is by pushing the fuel door in as soon as the doors are unlocked.

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But sometimes, this no work due to the fact that something has malfunctioned. What do you do once the digital fuel door is stuck on these species of vehicles? In this video clip find out exactly how we opened up the grounding gas flap of our Mercedes, just how not to bruise your arm doing it, exactly how to store the fuel flap close up door while wait for the component to come in and also how to deal with it.

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One day at the gas terminal I ended up looking like I no know just how to usage our Mercedes due to the fact that I was standing out there for 5 minute trying to open up the gas cover. I’ve done it numerous times before, yet that job it just made decision to protect against working. Luckily, us weren’t too low top top gas and were able come drive home to diagnose the issue.

All digital fuel flaps have to have a hand-operated override for this reason you just need to do a tiny research to view where it deserve to be accessed. In our search online, we experienced that some cars have a cable, wire or plastic line within an accessibility panel, that could be traction to open the flap manually, yet this vehicle did not have one. We also tried come look for an access panel but couldn’t find one. So, in our situation I had to pull open the lining after ~ removing number of plastic tabs. Indigenous there, we used this opening to access the hands-on release that the actuator.

As you deserve to see in the video, you deserve to snake her arm right into this opening to be able to press the hand-operated release. There is an simpler way, i beg your pardon I will certainly show afterwards so watch out for that. Normally, the hand-operated release works favor this and also you can conveniently release the gas flap by pushing it. I originally thought that the automobile was puzzled on whether the doors were locked or not and had locked the actuator in place. However this rotate out not to be the case, as a working one is tho releasable even if the doors room locked. The system inside ours has actually actually jammed in place. Check out what happens as soon as I use a spanner to rotate the actuator. If this can’t rotate it, yes no means the red plastic bar would have the ability to do it there is no breaking.

So how did we get the flap open? It take it a combination of pushing on the hand-operated release lever and at the exact same time making use of a wooden popsicle stick come carefully and also lightly pry upwards top top the gas door to lastly open it. Make sure to pry the very same time together you are pushing the lever. Even when jammed in place, the hand-operated release still move a small and v the increase prying motion it was sufficient to open up the flap ~ wrestling v it for part time. It will be a lot much easier if you have actually someone else aid with this. One human presses the relax while the other works ~ above the flap. You have to be mindful not come use also much pressure on the bar or it can break it, reason it to loosen or come off. You likewise have come be mindful with the flap or you might bend it out of form or cause chips in the paint. So, keep those clues in mind.

If you try to access the actuator prefer this you might end up with a bruised arm since it’s together a little opening. The much better way might be come look because that a little hole in the framework of the car near the back side the the actuator. This will permit you to placed a screwdriver or stick in to press the lever. Here are instance locations on the Mercedes-Benz SLK350 and also Mercedes-Benz C450.

Once the fuel door is opened, the actuator can be quickly removed by utilizing screwdrivers to very closely lift the 2 tabs holding it in place. Elevator the tabs and also rotate the actuator out, relax the white securing clip on the connector climate pull the connector out.

When you manage to acquire it open, don’t close it uneven you have the concern resolved or have taken the end the malfunctioning actuator first. This is so that you can quickly refuel until you settle it. Utilizing magnets or duct tape come temporarily store the flap closed, might be good to carry out if you obtain it open and don’t have the replacement component handy. Nothing close the flap prior to it’s solved as it can be a pain to open up again.

I take it a few weeks to research and shot to know what to be going on before I bespeak a new part to change it, in case it was something else. Therefore I finished up making use of rare earth magnets prefer this to temporarily hold the flap shut, if still gift able come refuel the car easily. If you do this too, make sure to cover increase the hole whereby the actuator sit so the if that rains, water won’t get inside. I offered duct ice for that and also secured the connector through it therefore it doesn’t drop into the frame.

Plug in the brand-new actuator to test it the end first, then reinstall and also clip it earlier in place.

In some cases, the actuator might stop functioning if a fuse for it has blown, therefore you might want to inspect that first. When the doors are unlocked, a properly working actuator will certainly snap open up like this once you push the switch or the flap in. As soon as the doors space locked, this does no happen, however the manual override must still work.

When girlfriend order a new part native the dealership keep in mind that there is a main point charge. Lot like a vehicle battery, the internal contents of this actuator deserve to be reused to do a new actuator. So, if you return the malfunctioning component in the initial box the the new part, friend can get the main point charge back.

Here’s one more tip because that those of girlfriend that have actually read our totality post. If you room renting a car or are borrowing someone else’s and also pull approximately a gas station not discovering which next the gas filler door is, look at no additional than your dash. The fuel icon has actually an arrowhead that points to the side the filler door is on.

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We expect this was valuable in fixing your grounding fuel filler door.

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