One the the most frustrating scenarios for vehicle drivers in brand-new Jersey is make the efforts to obtain a precious inspection sticker on her windshield.

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Used passenger vehicles have to be inspected when every 2 years

New vehicles are inspected every 5 years (once a year after ~ the early stage 5)

Commercial vehicles should be inspected once a year.

You may check your auto up to 2 months prior to it in reality expires.

What execute you should possess to examine your vehicle?

Valid Driver license

Valid automobile registration

Valid proof of brand-new Jersey insurance

Not inspecting your car can bring out fines and/or suspensions versus your driver’s patent also, you will be topic to acquiring pulled over during your commuting by officers who are trained to seek out expired and also rejected investigate stickers because of non-valid colors the are shown on her windshield.

The objective of this procedure conducted by her Motor Vehicle firm is to ensure your automobile is safe to operate and also coincides with the brand-new Jersey air pollution regulations.

The inspection process can be performed at a designated NJ Motor automobile Inspection station (quick note, no all motor Vehicles have actually inspection station we detailed a link below for every DMV inspection terminal in the state)

Or by one authorized mechanic who is license is granted to conduct an Inspection.

Some vehicles room exempt indigenous the NJ investigate process. Listed below is native the official NJ site explaining i m sorry vehicles qualify because that the exemption.

Exempted Vehicles

Certain vehicles room exempt native inspections, however they do vary, therefore be sure to examine what is forced for yours.

The following vehicles space exempt from inspection demands (N.J.A.C. 13:20-7.2):

Gasoline-powered vehicles registered passenger, the version year 1995 & older v a GVWR 8,500 pounds or less.

Gasoline-powered vehicles registered passenger, the design year 2007 & older with a GVWR 8,501 to 14,000 pounds.

Gasoline-powered vehicles registered passenger, the version year 2013 & older v a GVWR 14,001 pounds or more.

Historic engine vehicles

Approved Collector Vehicles i m sorry are much less than 25 year old

100% of electric vehicles


Motorized bicycles

Farm tractors and also traction equipment

Farm machinery and also implements

Fire trucks having actually a GVWR of an ext than 8,500 pounds

In-transit construction equipment

All Diesel-fueled motor vehicles with a gross auto weight rating (GVWR) 8,501 pounds to 17,999 that room plated commercial. The owner or lessee is compelled to inspect these vehicles.

All diesel-powered vehicles v a gross automobile weight rating (GVWR) 8,501 to 17,999 that space plated passenger, not for profit, governmental, commuter van, farmer or farm truck except buses

All diesel-powered vehicles version year 1996 and older that are plated passenger, not for profit, governmental, commuter van, farmer or farm truck except buses

Omnibuses which are subject to inspection by the Commission‘s advertising Bus Inspection and also Investigation Unit

School buses which space subject to investigate by the Commission‘s college Bus investigate Unit

Tactical armed forces vehicles operated on commonwealth installations in ~ this State

Historic vehicles

General inspections room not forced for historical or collector vehicles. To it is in classified together a “historic vehicle” it must be:

At the very least 25 year old

Must no be amendment from initial manufacturer specification

Specially registered and also display QQ plates

Collector vehicles

To be classified together a “collector vehicle” make certain that the vehicle:

Is not registered together a “historic vehicle” or a “street rod”

Is not driven much more than 3,000 miles every year

Is insured together a limited use “collector vehicle”

Is not a automobile with one elevated chassis height subject to an investigate in accordance v NJAC 13:20-37

To qualify for an exemption:

A car must first be prequalified together a collector vehicle. Click below to see if your car qualifies as a collector vehicle.

Visit an MVC company to acquisition a voucher for a unique decal to note the automobile exempt indigenous safety and emission inspection; the fee is $25 for an early voucher and also $25 come renew. Friend must carry out the approval letter native the MVC I/M assistance to the

agency as soon as initially using for collector vehicle status. The approval letter is not forced for renewal.

Take the collector automobile to a State Inspection terminal where the inspector will certainly verify the odometer reading

How much is an NJ car Inspection Cost?

The DMV inspection stations do not charge for this service. The is complimentary to every NJ chauffeurs whose vehicles space registered in the state that NJ.

Private inspection Bays perform charge customers which from my experience have to cost between $50-$100 in ~ most. The only advantage to this different is that a certified mechanic have the right to diagnose and also give an estimate of the expense of repairs required if any are needed.

There space 4 tests associated with the inspection process that your vehicle must pass to it is in issued out a valid inspection.

1. Valid Paperwork (Registration, motorists License, and also Insurance Card)

2. Tires should not it is in deflated or flat.

3. Brakes need to work effectively at least sufficient so the there is no trouble as the investigate employee can stop while pulling the auto into the bay.

4. Emissions (such as catalytic converter is tho attached and also operating properly)

5. Check Engine irradiate (This is most drivers’ biggest concern with your car.)


New Jersey no much longer will fail a automobile for damaged or cracked winter or windows, default headlights, horn failure or noþeles else.

The main 2 ingredients to obtaining your vehicle inspected in the state of brand-new Jersey are emissions and check engine lights.

What if i disconnect mine battery and also reconnect it or rotate off the engine light with an OBD scanner?

Their computer system will recognize the light was reset and you need to drive the vehicle a specific amount that mileage before the onboard computer system on your vehicle will permit them come retest the vehicle. If you reset the engine irradiate it will certainly most likely come earlier on after roughly 10-50 miles depending upon what code reflects up top top the OBD scanner.


How lot Does It expense To fix My check Engine irradiate Issue?

There is no price for exactly how much it will cost, it depends on just how many concerns are bring about the examine engine light to appear and also what parts and also labor are essential for the repairs.

Once a automobile is fail a red rubbish sticker is then applied and also there is no grace period. Your vehicle must then be taken in because that repairs and also can legally not be driven.

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