You are here to know just how to remove a stuck tape indigenous a cassette player. To know more, keep reading the remainder of the post.

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Nowadays, cassettes and cassette players room not that common. However, you might have got one at your disposal. Also, friend can find them in old cars.

As many cassette players are old, the cassette can get stuck inside the cassette deck. And, if girlfriend have confronted this issue, you understand how an overwhelming it might be to carry out the cassette native the deck.


But there space a couple of old-school tricks that you have the right to use to remove a stuck cassette from a cassette player. In this post, we will talk around them one through one. So by the moment you have read the post, you will be acquainted with a few effective tricks to eliminate a stuck tape native a cassette player.

If you space ready, let’s acquire to it…

Tutorial on how to remove a stuck Tape from a Cassette Player

Tip #1 usage the Prying Method

One of the usual reasons for a grounding tape can be a defective eject button. In that case, you require to help the eject switch a small bit. So, get a flat-head driver or something similar to that shape. Next, press the Eject button, and the ice will start to rise.


In the instance, you must use the screwdriver or the prying tool of your choice to lift the ice gently. In ~ this moment, the tape should be popped up. You have to remove it now.

To it is in noted, you have to be very gentle as soon as trying this tip. Otherwise, you could damage the unit further.

Tip #2 acquire the devices Ready

If you an alert that the tape is no coming the end by adhering to the steps above, it is time come get an ext creative. Right here you will require 3 tools: Needle-nosed Pliers, Flat-head screwdriver, Philips-head screwdriver, or something favor these tools.

First that all, you need to insert the flat-head screwdriver inside the deck and also lift the cassette a bit. Next, girlfriend will should grip the cassette with the pliers. ~ that, you can need to usage the Philips-head screwdriver to lug out the tape indigenous the cassette player completely.

Tip #3 go All Out

It could additionally be the you have actually tried everything, yet the ice is still stuck. In that case, you must go the extra mile. Yes, we room talking about taking personally the cassette player. Depending on the design of the cassette player, the technique of disassembling it would be different.


But basically, girlfriend will have to unmount the cassette player if that is in your car. If that is a cassette player, climate you should unscrew the cassette deck native the player. ~ that, you will have the ability to remove the stuck tape native the cassette player through ease.

Of course, girlfriend will need to assemble the cassette player once again. Part people, ~ above the other hand, don’t rally the cassette deck permanently. Instead, they simply insert the tape directly into the cassette deck mechanism. Otherwise, you will need to disassemble the cassette deck every time girlfriend play a new cassette.

Final Lines

So over there you have actually it. If you have actually read the article above, you should be familiar with part tips on removing a stuck tape or cassette native a vehicle cassette player. Back in the day, it was a prevalent problem with the cassette players in the cars. However, v the advance of technology, girlfriend don’t need to use this type of cassette player anymore.

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Still, you can learn these tips choose these have the right to come in comfortable anytime. Also, if you have any kind of other tips to deal with this problem, you deserve to share that through us in the comments below. And if you have actually liked this post, you can share it through others. Prior to you go, you deserve to read our short article on ‘25 funny Facts about Glass You need to See come Believe’.