Want to remove auto-reject contact in Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, Pro, NXT? Here’s just how to remove the call reject list on Samsung J7/J5. In Galaxy J7 speak to rejection settings, you have the right to see auto refuse mode, auto rejects list and rejection message settings. When you include contacts or mobile number to the refuse list, the will instantly block the number.

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You can conveniently add or remove the call from the reject list on Samsung galaxy J7/galaxy J5 devices. Different android maker has slightly different settings. And also in the recent android devices, you can see block number setups only. Monitor the below-given action by step process to eliminate the call reject list on Samsung J7/J7 Prime/J5 devices.

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How to Remove speak to Reject perform on Samsung J7 Prime/J7 Pro/J6/J5

Let see measures to allow auto-reject numbers or disapprove all incoming phone call in Samsung galaxy J7/J5 devices.


Add or eliminate number to auto refuse list on galaxy J7/J7 Prime/J6/J5

Step 1: Open the Phone app in her galaxy j7 and other devices.

Step 2: Tap ~ above Three upright dots (Menu) in ~ the upper appropriate corner.

Step 3: select Settings.

Step 4: pick on Call.

In galaxy J7 contact settings, you can see call rejection, comment & ending calls, call notice pop-ups, display caller details and more options.

Step 5: Tap on Call rejection.

Samsung J7 contact rejection settings encompass auto disapprove mode, auto rejects list and rejection message options. Tap on Auto rejects mode to disapprove all incoming number or auto-reject numbers.

Step 7: Tap top top the Auto refuse list.

List of numbers views you added on the disapprove list.

Step 8: Tick note the number you desire to remove the auto disapprove list in galaxy J7.

Step 9: Tap ~ above the Trash icon in ~ the upper ideal corner.

Now remove the contact reject perform on Samsung J7/J5 devices. You’ll include a number to the reject list also.

Step 10: Tap top top Create under the auto rejects perform to add the phone call number come the speak to reject list.

If friend can’t check out auto refuse list options in her android devices, you’ll block the phone call number on your devices.

How to block number in Samsung J7 Prime/Pro

Step 1: Tap on the Contacts app.

Step 2: Tap ~ above the Menu icon in ~ the height right corner.

Step 3: pick block contact.

Step 4: Enter the number you want to block and tap on Block.

Also, unblock a number at any time if the coincidentally block the phone number in your Samsung or Android devices.

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How to block a number top top android 8.1 & 8.0 Oreo: Google Pixel, Pixel 2 XL

Phone application > Menu symbol > settings > contact blocking > add a number > get in number to block call & texts from > Block

And it is it. Ns hope this solution functioned for friend to remove the contact reject list on Samsung J7. If friend have any type of other trick, tell united state in listed below comment section. Nothing forget to inspect out our various other android tutorials.