Cleaning bird poop turn off of the sidewalk isn’t fun, however it is necessary so the the an are doesn’t watch terrible. It is feasible to carry out with 5 quick steps that involve making use of vinegar, water, and also club soda. Whether you scrape it turn off or usage a solution, follow along as we check out how come clean bird poop turn off of the sidewalk.


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Steps to Clean Bird Poop turn off of Concrete

The largest problem with bird poop on your concrete is its mountain level. In time, bird poop becomes fairly acidic, i beg your pardon can reason corrosion to her concrete surface. Whether your patio, sidewalk, or concrete driveway is stained v bird droppings, the procedure for clean is universal. If every concrete surface ar is different, most follow a an easy cleaning regimen and also are basic to eliminate stains from.

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Tools & ingredient Needed

Plastic putty knife or similar scraping toolBroom and also dustA spray bottle through diluted vinegar and water 50/50Club soda (enough to rinse affected area)

Step One: usage a coffee to remove Dried Poop

The very first step is to scrape off sufficient dried bird droppings to permit for easier cleaning the the clues adhered to the concrete. Usage a plastic putty knife (2” come 4” relying on the dimension of the area you room cleaning) or a comparable scraping tool.

Scrape turn off the optimal layer the the bird droppings or as much as you’re maybe to v the putty knife. Ideally, the area would certainly be smooth after ~ scraping. Despite the stains will certainly be visible after scraping, this is an essential to ensure steps two through 5 aren’t crucial to complete multiple times.

Step Two: usage a Broom and Dustpan to sweep Up Debris

After scraping the bird poop from your concrete surface, it is crucial to use a broom and also dustpan to dispose of whatever that has actually been scraped. The following step will call for a surface totally free of scrapings come ensure the it is many effective.

Step Three: Dilute Vinegar and Water in a Spray Bottle

Fill an north spray bottle half with vinegar and fifty percent with water. Swirl the bottle about to ensure that they are adequately mixed.

Pro Tip: making use of a plastic funnel to fill the empty bottle is the best way to ensure vinegar doesn’t leak to her countertop or workspace. This way, you’ll avoid your room smelling choose vinegar because that days.

Step Four: Spray the influenced Area

Spray the influenced area with the diluted vinegar and also let the area sit because that ten come thirty minutes. Friend will notice the stained areas transforming the clean mixture into a white or environment-friendly opaque liquid, depending on the dropping color.

If the liquid shows up to be to run off and there is clean, unaffected concrete underneath, the is okay to rinse. However, if the stain hasn’t begun to run, wait the whole thirty minutes.

Step Five: Rinse through Club Soda

The acidic characteristics of bird poop have tendency to breakdown with carbonation. The being said, friend don’t desire to to water any kind of soda onto your concrete surface, together it may erode if excellent repeatedly.

Seltzer water will react to any type of of the bird droppings left top top the concrete, bubble because that a minute, and eventually runoff. If you space treating a larger area, you may want come dilute the club soda v water, again 50/50, and also rinse through that.

You may also choose to rinse with just water, though the continuing to be stain left behind won’t to wash off with simply water. If not, repeat the steps.

What advertising Cleaners have the right to I use Instead?

Krud Kutter

If you have actually a larger area impacted by bird poop, one of the ideal commercial cleaners ~ above the sector is Krud Kutter. Krud Kutter deserve to be provided on concrete, brick, masonry, and asphalt and also can reduced through the toughest stains.

Krud Kutter comes in a dilutable kind that deserve to be sprayed on the area. Girlfriend can also buy a push washer concentration if you select to use a press washer because that this job. Krud Kutter have the right to be uncovered at Lowes, residence Depot, or online at Amazon.

Simple green Oxy resolve Concrete Cleaner

Simple green Oxy solve Concrete Cleaner is another option and one of the finest commercial concrete cleaners. A one-gallon container of basic Green Oxy Solve have the right to make 21 gallons the cleaner and clean as much as 6,300 square feet. If you have actually a huge surface come clean, this cleaner deserve to lift the toughest stains. It is EPA-approved and also doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

Simple environment-friendly Oxy settle Concrete Cleaner is obtainable at Lowes, Walmart, and also even online at Amazon. It deserve to be diluted to usage as a spray or supplied with a press washer.

Other Cleanable Surfaces impacted by Bird Poop

Brick and Masonry

Brick and also Masonry have the right to be equally influenced by bird poop. Luckily, it deserve to be cleaned similarly with just a couple of simple exceptions. If her brick or stonework is larger or in disrepair, think about not making use of commercial-grade concrete cleaner if surfaces room uneven or broken.

Be mindful of the product used in the grout an are between your bricks and the problem of the material. If over there are large divots or absent mortar in between bricks or masonry, it must be repaired before using a advertising cleaner.

When no washed turn off thoroughly, advertisement cleaners can begin to erode or malfunction the mortar in between bricks. If you notification commercial cleaner pooling in these locations after rinsing, just dry v a cloth.


Many driveways, specifically in suburban areas, room laid with asphalt. Though there is no specific downside to utilizing the commercial chemicals and also methods listed above, many asphalt-specific cleaners must take precedence before other cleaners.

Helpful Considerations

Gloves and Goggles

Commercial concrete cleaners deserve to be irritating to the eyes and also skin. Defend your skin and also eyes through a making use of a pair that chemical-resistant nitrile gloves and also a pair of safety and security goggles. Equipment up before attempting to clean your driveways or sidewalks v a commercial-grade concrete cleaner.

Nearby tree or Shrubbery

Though the root of many plants won’t be affected by a vinegar solution, leaves and also other areas above ground deserve to potentially be harmed. Commercial chemicals can harm plants even an ext so. The is a ideal practice come ensure that the run-off of her cleaned area is far from plants and shrubbery. Spanning bushes and also larger shrubbery v plastic can shield them from the spray of a vinegar equipment or concrete cleaning chemical.

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Test Area

If brick, masonry, or other surfaces space older, perform a cleaning check on a 2” through 2” area. Follow the very same steps over and inspect the condition of your surface after every one of the measures are complete. If the area is clean and the surface ar doesn’t it seems ~ to it is in in disrepair or have actually been impacted by harsher commercial chemicals, continue with cleaning the entire area.