I"ve acquired a fluorescent light in mine kitchen, and also I should replace one of the bulbs that blew... Trouble is, i can"t gain the freakin" cover off the light. It"s flush-mounted come the ceiling and there room no screws or tabs approximately the outside edge. I have the right to slide the cover come the left next a bit, however that"s it. I"m pretty certain it"s claimed to on slide to one end and also then fall down and also hang from 2 wires top top the various other side, however I can"t get it to move an ext than a fifty percent inch or so. WTF am i doing wrong?Here"s a pic of said light:View image: http://personal.tcu.edu/~djewett/light1.jpg everyone have any kind of ideas?

1) Burn down the house; buy brand-new house through insurance money; pay more attention to existing light fixtures.2) quit plexiglass cover through a hammer while the light fixture is tho hanging; this will a) save you two hours of fucking with it, b) expedite breaking it in the end, which is the only way you"ll obtain it out. Sorry because that the christmas cheer! -- View picture here: https://cdn.altoalsimce.org.net/forum/smilies/biggrin_classic.gif --edit: On second look, pull down on the totality white thing... I bet the entirety thing come off, not just the plexi.

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Does the inside part move at all?Hard to explain, but the 4 sides about the exterior are all connected, but that middle component with the 5 supports, deserve to you press it up off of the outer frame?

Photomikey: thanks for the tips, however I"m hoping for a less drastic solution. -- View photo here: https://cdn.altoalsimce.org.net/forum/smilies/biggrin_classic.gif --Travathian: The inside part is just a piece of frosted plastic the sits on height of those lattices, I deserve to push that up however I don"t see any kind of latches everywhere on the inside of the timber frame. The frame and the lattices are all one piece.

It may have actually spring tabs approximately the sides, between the cover and also the inner support. If so, you simply need come pull under on the cover through the suitable amount that force, and it should pop off. If not... Keep pulling till something gives. -- View photo here: http://episteme.altoalsimce.org/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif --

Have funny climbing up in the attic. Before you do, hit increase HD and also buy a brand-new fixture the doesn"t suck. My mother"s kitchen had a similar fixture for this reason I simply tossed it and replaced it with a much an ext user friendly however still nice looking fixture.

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