The lover snowball shrub (viburnum) is an asset to any kind of sunny landscape with its lush foliage and beautifully white, ring blossoms. Once you properly tend a snowball bush, you might naturally desire come propagate brand-new bushes to spread this beauty roughly your landscape. Take it a cutting from a snowball bush in the first half that the growing season and create brand-new snowball bushes for your cultivation areas.

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Prepare the rooting container by filling it with coarse sand or vermiculite. Saturation the rooting medium thoroughly by running water end it. Permit the container to drainpipe completely.

Cut a stem indigenous the snowball bush that is the existing year’s growth. Existing stems top top the shrub are perfect for rooting once you bending a stem and it snaps right into two pieces. Pick a 6-inch stem with leaves and cut the stem simply under a sheet node.

The lover snowball bush (viburnum) is an legacy to any type of sunny landscape through its lush foliage and beautifully white, ring blossoms. Take a cut from a snowball shrub in the an initial half the the growing season and also create new snowball bushes because that your farming areas.

Remove any blossoms from the end of the stem and remove the pipeline from the bottom fifty percent of the stem. Insert the bottom 2 customs of the stem into the rooting hormone.

Insert your finger right into the facility of the sand or vermiculite and also then insert the ready cutting right into the hole roughly 2 inch deep. Push the rooting medium firmly around the cutting so the stands upright in the container.

Water the sand or vermiculite sufficient to saturation it thoroughly. Place the plastic bag over the peak of the container, tenting the bag end the cut so the bag does not touch the cutting. Attach the bag with the rubber tape to secure it to the height of the container.

Remove any kind of blossoms native the end of the stem and also remove the leaves from the bottom half of the stem. Push the rooting tool firmly about the cut so that stands upright in the container.

Place the container in a warmth location with herbal light yet keep the cutting from straight sunlight.

Water the sand or vermiculite as soon as it dries out, saturating the medium and enabling it to drainpipe completely.

Watch the cutting because that indications the roots are creating beneath the medium. Once you see new growth on the cutting, root are start to form. The cutting need to root within four to six weeks.

Remove the plastic bag when the cutting roots and keep watering the sand or vermiculite to keep it evenly moist.

Transplant the cutting to a little container filled through potting soil about one week after removing the plastic bag. Proceed to store the floor evenly moist.

location the container in a heat location with organic light but keep the cutting from direct sunlight. Clock the cutting because that indications the roots are creating beneath the medium.

Plant the new snowball bush outside about two to 3 weeks after transplanting the snowball bush to the potting soil.

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