Want to know just how to say ‘happy birthday’ in Croatian? she in the appropriate place. 

It’s constantly nice to great someone a happy birthday on their unique day, but why not perform it in a language that means something to them.As well as wishing your loved one a happy birthday in Croatian, why not additionally sing the Croatian variation of the happy birthday song!

You could additionally get your loved one a Croatian birthday Card. This will certainly make their day! 
How come Say ‘Happy Birthday’ In CroatianHow To sing Happy date of birth In CroatianCroatian date of birth Traditions

How to Say ‘Happy Birthday’ In Croatian

To great someone a happy date of birth in Croatian, you have the right to say:EnglishCroatianPronunciationHappy birthday Sretan rođendanSre-tan rojen-dan
To hear the joint of this phrase, inspect out the below video. Skip come 9:18 because that ‘happy birthday’:

Alternatively, you can additionally use some of these phrases:EnglishCroatianPronunciationAll the bestSve najboljeSveh nai-bol-eeCongratulationsČestitkeChest-eet-kehHappy birthday to youSretan rođendan tiSre-tan rojen-dan tee

If you’re speak to someone special then you’ll desire to know just how to speak I love you in Croatian.

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How To song Happy birthday In Croatian

If you desire to go the extra mile for your loved one or friend, try singing the happy birthday song in Croatian. You’ll be happy to know it’s the exact same tune together the English version, they simply sing the in Croatian.

Check the end the video below come hear the Croatian date of birth song:

Here’s the text so you have the right to sing along:“Sretan rođendan ti!Sretan rođendan ti!Sretan rođendan *name*Sretan rođendan ti!”This translates to:“Happy date of birth to you!Happy birthday to you!Happy birthday to *name*Happy birthday to you!”

Croatian date of birth Traditions

If it’s her birthday, you may want to keep this Croatian birthday tradition to yourself. In Croatia, the a tradition for the human whose date of birth it is come pay because that everything. So if she planning a date of birth lunch or a date of birth dinner with all her friends, you’ll be supposed to pay for everyone.

Thanks for analysis this post on just how to to speak ‘happy birthday’ in Croatian. It’s a an excellent idea to do the initiative to learn how to to speak this in someone’s aboriginal language or a language that way something to them.Your loved one or friend will certainly be therefore impressed!Related posts:

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