Are girlfriend planning to walk to the Middle eastern or north Africa and also would favor to know the various variations that “hello” in Arabic? Or would you as with to present off in prior of your friends that you know how to speak Arabic?

Either way, you have actually landed top top the right page!

Here space 10+ Arabic greetings you can use so you’ll know exactly how to to speak hello in Arabic, whatever the situation. I’ve also included the literal translations right into English.

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Here room the greetings you will do it learn:

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And here’s an infographic you deserve to download for rapid reference:


Let’s gain started!

1. مرحبا (Marhaba) – “Hello/Hi”

How execute you say “hello” in Arabic? The price is مرحبا (Marhaba).

Marhaba is the simplest form of greeting the is used across the Arabic speaking world.

Marhaba is the ideal basic greeting: it is soft to say and also is thought about to be polite and also neutral.

2. Salamo Alaykom – “Peace it is in Upon You”

Salamo Alaykom is recognized to be the Muslim greeting.

Salamo Alaykom to be the traditional Arabic greeting that was practised once Islam an initial started spreading. It method “Peace be upon you”.

Wa Alaykom el Salam (“and tranquility be upon you”) is the typical response, which basically method “And upon you peace”, together in “peace it is in upon friend too”.

Salamo Alaykom is offered when speaking to groups of people. Although the is in plural form, it can be supplied with both a solitary person or a group.

If you want to be an exact though, below are the sport of Salamo Alaykom depending on whom you addressing.

Salamo Alayka – Singular MasculineSalamo Alayki – Singular FeminineSalamo Alaykoma – double (Feminine, woman or mixed)Salamo Alaykonna – plural FeminineSalamo Alaykom – many (Can it is in masculine or mixed)

Nowadays, this is taken into consideration to be a religious Islamic greeting, yet no one will be offended if the is or isn’t supplied in this manner!

It’s exceptional to see the difference in between cultures in how to to speak “hello”. Look just how long Salamo Alaykom is – 6 syllables! i live in Germany, and also our key greeting is Na.

3. Awefe – “Healths”

This is additionally kind of a soft and also nice thing to say. In some areas however, like in the middle East, it can be taken into consideration funny, since it is not generally used.

It basically means: “may you have a lot of of health to keep you in form for every the stuff the you room doing”. That’s why I analyzed it as “healths” and also not “health”, because it is in the plural form, thus “healths”.

Just as a joke, write words “health” ~ above a lot of of small pieces of paper, and also throw them at an Arabic-speaking friend. It might take lock a while to understand, yet it will certainly be funny and worth it.

4. Ya’teek el ‘afye – “ give you health”

This greeting is a little like Awefe, yet this time the is just singular and also with the enhancement that God is described in the passive form. Words for “God” is not in the sentence, yet is implied. Who gives you health? God offers you health. Hence, “ offer you health”. Essential point, this is not taken into consideration to be spiritual and have the right to be supplied in neutral type like Marhaba.

5. Marahib – “Hellos”

This is the plural type of Marhaba. When just one “Hello” is just not enough, you litter all the hellos at them! Marahib!

6. Salam – “Peace”

“We come in peace!” – Martians exactly how nice is the to be greeted with the word peace? This is a calm and soft “peace” to use in greeting. It is basically prefer Namaste however in Arabic. Peace out.

7. Sabaho, Sabah el Kheir, Sabah el Noor – “Morning (Good morning, light morning)”

Sabah is morning, for this reason Sabaho doesn’t only average morning; It method “his” morning. Who morning? No idea.

Sabah el Kheir is “good morning”, plain and also simpleSabah el Noor is the answer for Sabah el Kheir, and method “light morning”.

A common conversation v these phrases:

“Good morning”“Light morning”And climate you move on through your day.

Bonus point: Yis’idle Sabahak/ik/kon. This means “Your morning do me happy!” how sweet is that? The “ak”, “ik” and “kon” is the difference between masculine, feminine and plural forms. “Ak” is for masculine, “ik” is because that feminine and also “kon” is because that plural.

8. Kifak – “How space you?”

Kifak becomes Kifik if you’re speaking to a woman. The is the ideal known method to say “How room you?” in Arabic.

You can also say Kif Halak? which way “How is her health?” sometimes it comes directly after the Marhaba. So to say it all in Arabic it would be Marhaba, kifak?/Kif halak?

When someone states this to you, you can reply v Lhamdella or Mnih.

Lhamdella is “Thanks, God”, as in thanking Him because that being in an excellent health. Mnih is “well” or “good”.

But we all understand that we lie by saying “well”. So if you room feeling down or not so much yourself the day, you deserve to reply v meshe lhal. The literal meaning translation that meshe lhal is “the case is walking”. The closestly translation would be “it’s okay”.

9. – Naharak sa’eed – “Good day”

I understand I interpreted this as “good day”, yet it no actually typical “good day”. It means “happy day”. In mine humble opinion, wishing who a “happy day” when you first see that person, is the sweetest greeting ever.

This is much more of a “Fusha” a.k.a. “Modern traditional Arabic” than it is roughly a particular Arabic dialect.

10. Sho el Akhbar – “What room the News?”

Sho el Akhbar literally means “what room the news” together in, “what’s new?”

You can additionally say Sho fi ma fi. The literal meaning translation because that it would be “What’s in not in?”.

True story. This also way “What’s new”. Ns wouldn’t use it together a an initial greeting though. My advice is to use it is ideal after Marhaba.

Bonus details on Arabic Greetings

Every Arab nation has its very own dialect, so even Marhaba have the right to be various from one nation to another.

For instance in Tunisia they don’t say Marhaba they say aslema which way “on peace” and bislema because that goodbyes! In Lebanon however, sometimes they don’t use words Marhaba, they simply go with Cava?!

Say “Hello” in Arabic!

Wow, you’re all set to usage Arabic greetings. It is amazing, it method you have the right to start conversations v people! It might even be your very very first step to having a 15-minute conversation in Arabic in 90 days.

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Sounds choose something you’d prefer to do?

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