For most children in The Netherlands, the most necessary day throughout December is fifth December, once Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas) bring them your presents!

St. Nicholas" day is on the sixth December, but in The Netherlands, the significant celebrations are hosted on the 5th December. The surname Santa Claus originates from the name Sinterklaas.

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On the morning of St. Nicholas" Day, Sinterklaas travel to a city or town in The Netherlands, wearing his red bishop"s robes. That travels with his servants dubbed "Zwarte Pieten" ("Black Peters"). Once Sinterklaas and the black color Peters come ashore indigenous the boat, every one of the regional church bells ring in celebration. Sinterklaas climate leads a procession through the town, riding a white horse. If he access time Amsterdam, he meets the Queen in the Palace.

On December, fifth children leave clogs or shoes out, by the fireplace or periodically a windowsill, and sing Sinterklaas songs. Lock hope the Sinterklaas will come throughout the night through some presents. They likewise believe that if lock leave some hay and carrots in your shoes for Sinterklaas"s horse, they will certainly be left part sweets. They"re told that, throughout the night, Sinterklaas rides on the roofs ~ above his horse and also that a "Zwarte Piet" will certainly then climb down the chimney (or through a window) and also put the gift and/or liquid in your shoes.


Children room told the the Zwarte Pieten keep a record of every the points they have done in the previous year. Great children will acquire presents native Sinterklaas, but negative children will certainly be placed in a sack and the Zwarte Pieten take them come Spain because that a year to teach then exactly how to behave! Dutch heritage says the St. Nicholas lives in Madrid, Spain and also every year he choose a various harbour to come in Holland, so as many children as possible get a possibility to view him. Every city in The Netherlands has a couple of Sinterklaas helpers, pull on the exact same as Sinterklaas who help give the gift out. (and periodically you might one check out one Zwarte Pieten v Sinterklaas!)

If children are really lucky they might receive all their presents during the evening. This is referred to as "Sinterklaasavond" or "Pakjesavond" (present evening). There could be a knock in ~ the door and also you can find a sack full of presents!

Sinterklaas parties are often held top top St. Nicholas" night (5th), wherein treasure hunt games are played through poems and also riddles offering the clues. Kids follow the clues to find little presents left through Sinterklaas. Special biscuits and also sweets are also eaten at the party. One kind of biscuit is called "letter blanket" or "banketletter" (meaning letter cake), which is do from marzipan or pastry. The biscuits room made in the forms of the very first letter the the peoples names who room at the party. An additional sweet biscuit that is consumed at the parties room "pepernoot" which room made v cinnamon and also spices in the pastry biscuit mix.

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Surprise gift are also given on St. Nicholas" Day. A practice at the Sinterklaas parties, frequently within classes in ~ schools, is the everyone"s name is put into a hat and also everyone picks one more person"s name - then they need to make a surprise existing for the person. The presents are regularly things that the human being would find beneficial with your favourite hobby. The gift come through a city inside that offers a clue come who can have sent out the present, however it is all expected to be a mystery!

Christmas Day itself is a lot quieter work in The Netherlands, v a Church Service and also family meal. Occasionally there is a distinct Christmas work "Sunday School" in the afternoon at the church, wherein the Christmas Story and also other timeless stories room told. This are regularly the only presents youngsters will get on Christmas Day due to the fact that they have currently received most of your presents ~ above St. Nicholas Day.

On Christmas eve night, dutch Children think that Santa Claus, (who is additionally call "Christmas man" / "Kerstman" to avoid confusion through Sinterklaas!) originates from Lapland in Finland to deliver an ext presents!