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THIS IS A CAT increasing GUIDE, not A guide FOR CAT QUESTS!!!


My name is Kat, thus this being dubbed Kat"s cats Caring Guide.


This overview will still require updates together the game comes the end with brand-new things. Once this happens, you re welcome be patient with me when I perform my finest to collect all info needed to upgrade the guide.






If you room using a web web browser such together Firefox or IE:


Pressing CTRL+F will bring up the find option.

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:::Table the Contents:::




Part 1- exactly how to raise her kitten

Part 2- important Facts around Kittens

Part 3- The Cat, Overgrown, Wiley & Lazy cats

Part 4- The Hell Cat

Part 5- The Rat Pits & Cat advice in Rat Pits

Part 6- Clockwork Cats, Mice and Cat bed

Part 7- frequently Asked inquiries



Guides ~ above :



The knowledge Base location to the cat overview (NOT my guide):

Home > hand-operated > various Guides > pets Guide


The expertise base ar for the Rat-Pits:

Home > hands-on > Mini games > Rat Pits





component 1


:::How to Raise your Kitten:::




-PLEASE NOTE- I would like to permit you know that you perform NOT have to feed the Kitten until you get the speech user interface warning you the it is hungry. Feeding it when it *meows* is a rubbish of food; to trust me girlfriend WILL see it.






If you manage to protect against seeing the message, a few minutes later an additional warning will appear saying, "I think its really hungry!"






Feed it now or it will certainly run away and you will get this message: "Your cat has run turn off to look for food."






Raising her Kitten:


Food and also drinks because that kittens and also cats:


Kittens can be fed any kind of fish, cooking or uncooked (except because that seasoned sardines - Those are just used during Gertrude"s Cat Quest. Likewise note that seaweed, edible or otherwise, is not a fish).

Rats - Kittens, Cats and Wiley Cats space able to eat and catch tiny rats (the ones that don"t present up top top the mini map), and also clockwork mice (explained later on in the guide)



Ways to provide Kittens attention:


Stroking - just stroke her Kitten to provide it attention.

Balls of wool - use a ball of Wool v your Kitten to give it attention.

Cat toy you receive after completeing A Tail of 2 Cats. Your cat will certainly pounch on the occasionally.

Rat Pole, acquired from Rat Catchers quest. The keeps monitor of the quantity of rat your feline has caught.

Rat Pits in Adrounge (more around this later)

You can additionally get a succinct looking Cat maintain Medal indigenous Gertrude by having your Kitten/Cat death 100 Rats. *NOTE* that DOES NOTHING yet LOOK NICE!






component 2


:::Important Facts about Kittens:::




1. Your cat should no longer disappear and reappear in her inventory. Jagex adjusted it. If that does, its simply a glitch.


2. Your kitten can not go v gates and also doors v you! yet you perform not need to pick the up. It will reappear next to you once its turn off the map.


3. Your Kitten/Cat will certainly go through you if you teleport by using spells, or an Amulet/Ring. Her Kitten will additionally go increase ladders and on watercrafts with you.


4. If friend die through your Kitten/Cat, friend will lose it, forever.


5. When you to buy a new cat indigenous Gertrude, if friend wear your ring the charos (a)*activated* friend can choose the color of her kitten.


6. Overgrown cats of the same shade stack. :-)

Draagoon - 07 may 2005 18:31


It will certainly take approx. 2-4 hours, of gift on the ground, for her cat to prosper from Kitten come cat, and another 2-4 hrs from a Cat to an Overgrown Cat.





Part 3


:::The *Cat* and *Overgrown Cat* Stages:::




The *Cat* stage:


-When your Kitten grows into a Cat, you will certainly no much longer receive the "I think that is hungry" message. Over there is no need to feed it; just offer it attention to make it grow.


Now that your Kitten is a Cat, you have the right to either walk to West Ardougne to market it to a Civilian for 100 death runes; or you have the right to keep it till it turns right into an Overgrown Cat.


*With the ring that charos (a) you deserve to now choose which shade of cat you buy from Gertrude. There room 6 different colors/combinations to pick from.



The *Overgrown Cat* stage:


-These cats no much longer need her attention. *Meaning no have to pet it, play with it, or feed it.*


You can get one more Kitten native Gertrude for 100Gold Without obtaining rid of her Overgrown Cat, and/or, you deserve to now go to West Ardougne and sell her Overgrown Cat because that 100 death runes.




:::The *Wiley Cat* and also *Lazy Cat* stage:::


-After completing the rat catchers quest you are offered the oppertunity to rotate an overgrown cat right into a wiley cat, and give the a name. (Speak come Felkrash in the port Sarim Rat Pits)


Wiley cats have heightened abilities. They need to have actually plenty that exercise, via chasing rats, butterflies and kalphite larva or lock will end up being fat and lazy.


-Talking to a an additional wiley cat with your very own wiley cat out gives you the capability to discover hints around whos cat is stronger. Typically the cat who recorded the many mice will insurance claim to be the ideal cat. Cat speak amulet is compelled of course. Make sure you carry out not agree v the competitor cat when the competitor cat cases to be far better than yours. *I execute not understand what it says if you agree, I simply think it would certainly hurt her cat"s feelings :-P




Lazy cats are wileys the you ignore



Lazy cats deserve to be retrained by acquisition them out and permitting them plenty of time to catch rats and also get exercise.





Part 4


:::The *Hell Cat* stage:::



Hell Cats:


Hellcats deserve to be acquired from the quest Recipe for Disaster. Castle have nearly all the same features of a regular cats, regardless of the reality that they"re red and also have really long teeth.


After finishing the an initial part that Recipe for Disaster, you must do the angry Dave subquest. Once you acquire to his mom"s house, she will explain you have to make his favorite stew, and that the hellrats took she spice. Simply have your cat record 7 and they will certainly transform into a hellcat.


It appears that Hellcats need a bit more attention then common cats, however I"m tho not specific if you have the right to have an ext than one at a time. I"m nearly positive friend can"t, though.


All cats can be a hellcat. The meens: Wily, Lazy, Overgrown, Cats, and also kittens have the right to *all* be hellcats.


Feeding her cat milk will rotate it earlier to normal.






part 5


:::The Rat Pits:::


There are four various rat pits girlfriend can accessibility after doing the Rat Catchers quest.


Rat pits for kittens room in Adrounge.

Rat pits for "Cats" room in West Varrock.

Rat Pits because that Overgrown cats are in Keldagrim.

Rat pits because that Wiley cats are in port Sarim.

-Each ratpit caters for a various stage in your cat"s development.


-Rules may vary between pit, but the basic rules are the same.


-Two players agree to duel against each various other and collection a wager which the winner receives at the end of the match.


-To success a ratpit an obstacle a set number of rats need to be killed. The player who cat achieves this first will be asserted the winner. However, if her cat die or operation away native the struggle the the opposite player will certainly then win.


-If your cat dies while in battle, you will certainly not gain it back, so select your strategies wisely!!!


-When inside the ratpits, speak to the gamblers because that rules and information ~ above fighting and training her kitten, cat, overgrown, or wiley cat.


-Bets space for 100 general practitioners min up to 20k max.


-Wear her amulet the catspeak therefore you can tell your cat to take care of chin while in the hit (that is the safe way to make sure your cat will not die!)


-If girlfriend fail to carry a cat speak amulet climate no bonuses will certainly be given to the cats and also retreating will not it is in an option for the cat.




The options (Advice) friend can offer your cat prior to entering a fight:




1. Simply take treatment of yourself


-Gives enhancement to the protective bonus the the cats yet will reason the cat will also retreat indigenous the battle if that is hp drops come 15% Not specifically useful as soon as winning stakes yet would definitely assist increase cat moral as any kind of battle would enhance your cat provided that your cat does no die.




2. Continue to be in as long as girlfriend can



-Same defensive bonus together the 1st option however will cause the cat to retreat in ~ a much reduced hp level (probably 5-10%). Also an excellent to train cat with however if your cat is skilled it may be much better to move to this setting of fight for your cat.




3. No guts no glory



-Increases to assault level will reason your cat to hit mice much more accurately however the cat will certainly not be offered an option to retreat. If friend trained her cat well, climate it will most likely not die in this style. Still, there is a slight opportunity of fatality in a worse instance scenario yet highly i can not qualify if taught fine in mice searching tactics.




4. Walk bezerk



-Increases in both attack and also strength but with a slight decline in defense. This setting is because that those that staked the best amount and also wish to obtain victory at whatever the costs. If your cat is not trained extensively for this setting than it will surely die. May also have a zamorak result where attack level might be drained together well. For those that truly train cat to be "wiley" fighting machines and not for domesticated purposes.





Part 6



:::Clockwork Cats, Mice and Cat Beds:::


With the building and construction Skill you are able to make Clockwork Cats and also Mice.


To achieve a clockwork cat you should either purchase one from an additional player or make one.


A clockwork cat walk not require feeding and will not chase rats. Clockwork cats carry out nothing but follow girlfriend around.


Clockwork mice room also obtainable by make them, or buying lock from various other players.


Once you have actually a clockwork computer mouse you can acquire your cat (unless it"s a clockwork cat) to follow the mouse. If her cat captures the mouse the computer mouse will be destroyed.


To do both clockwork cats and mice, you need to have:


A workshop, level 42 Construction, and also level 85 Crafting for cats.


A workshop, level 42 construction, and level 33 Crafting for mice.

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With the construction skill you are able to do "A ar for your Cat come Sleep" in the kitchen of her home.


Cat Blanket: Level 5 building

Cat Basket: Level 19 building and construction

Cat basket: Level 33 construction




Part 7



:::Frequently asked Questions:::




1. Where in West Ardy perform I market my cat?


A: In far West Ardy by the cave entrance to underground happen you talk to the civilians.


2. Exactly how do I acquire the cat maintain medal?


A: You have to have her kitten and or cat chase and also catch 100 little rats, then speak to Gertrude.


3. How have the right to I phone call how countless rats mine cat has actually caught?


A: girlfriend will obtain a messege after death 10, 50 and 100 rats.


4. Exactly how do I obtain the cat speak amulet?


A: You get your catspeak amulet native doing Icthlarin"s little Helper Quest. The amulet doesn"t assist the cat just enables you to have actually "discusssions" v your cat.


5. A fansite states the cat training medal makes my cat flourish faster, is this true?


A: NO! it does NOTHING however look good.


7. My cat kept saying it to be hungry however I couldn"t feed it because it wasn"t a kitten. Now it has actually run away, will I get it back?


A: No you will not obtain it back, sorry this is a bug/glitch. Please check the perform of bugs and also glitches and if it isn"t already there, report it v customer support.


8. Exactly how do i name my cat?


A: You have the right to ONLY surname Wiley cats at this time, just talk to Felkrash inside the port sarim rat pits.


9. Does the time it takes mine cat to flourish reset if I choose it increase or bank it?


A: No, it does not.


10. Is it feasible to have more than one Wiley cat?


A: No.


11. Can I have more than one cat top top the ground at the exact same time?


Answer: No.


12. If mine cat dies can I get it back?


A: No, you need to buy a brand-new one from Gertrude.


13. Have the right to My cat communicate with other cats?


A: her cat and another player"s cat can connect as lengthy as both room out and also that you have actually the catspeak amulet equipped.


Your cat can likewise interact with some NPC cats as well (remember the amulet the catspeak though!)