Roses are rojas, violets space azules; mastering the color in Spanish would certainly make friend the coolest! this is a fast guide to el arco iris (“the rainbow”).

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Dylan Lyons
Dylan is a an elderly content producer, overseeing video and podcast tasks for the U.S. Team. He learned journalism in ~ Ithaca College and also has an MBA from NYU. Prior to joining, Dylan controlled social media because that CBS News. His interests encompass reading, writing, politics, and anything sweet. Dylan lives in brand-new York City.
Dylan is a senior content producer, overseeing video clip and podcast jobs for the U.S. Team. He studied journalism at Ithaca College and also has an MBA from NYU. Before joining, Dylan managed social media because that CBS News. His interests incorporate reading, writing, politics, and also anything sweet. Dylan resides in new York City.

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