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Before Egg-laying:

The female will certainly spend an ext and much more time in the nest box, and also she will certainly feed native the cuttlebone and also mineral block, the nutrients of i beg your pardon she requirements to type the eggshell.

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At this point it is particularly important to carry out water for bathing as she demands the moisture for the egg-building procedure within her, as well as to regulate the humidity in the colony box.

One means you will recognize eggs are on the way (within a work or so) is the the hen"s droppings will be large compared to what they would be under regular circumstances. The parental will save their droppings and eliminate less often but with bigger results as soon as they perform leave the swarm box. Cockatiels, as many birds, are really clean; and also they understand the importance of not soiling the nesting area.

These big droppings will continue throughout the nesting period. The hen might only come out to get rid of every 12 hours.

an additional indication of brewing egg-laying is the hen"s vent. 12 come 24 hours prior to the egg-laying, the hen"s vent swells fairly visibly. The vent takes on the outline of the ring egg hours before it is expelled indigenous the hen.

Each clutch consists of 4 to 7 white egg that room laid on alternating days. Although sometimes you will discover eggs set every day till the clutch is completed. Both the male and also female re-publishing the incubation the the eggs -- the duration of i m sorry is usually between 18 - 21 days.

Egg Laying:

The hen may begin laying eggs in as little as 2 weeks after the first mating. This being said, sometimes a hen might get lugged away and also begin laying without a mating having taken place.

Eggs are laid every 2nd day through a normal clutch consisting of 4 to 6 eggs.

If the hen has actually never set before, don"t it is in alarmed if the first egg has actually some blood on it and also is elongated. Any type of chick within the egg might still build quite normally.


Eggs have the right to be candled around 7 to 10 job after their incubation has started to verify fertility and development of the egg. At the time you need to see a internet of tiny red/pink veins beginning to come to be visible inside the shell.


Incubating the Eggs:

Cockatiels typically don"t begin incubating the eggs until after the second or third egg is laid, with a clutch averaging 4 come 6. Fertilized egg will stay viable at room temperature for up to ten days as long as the incubation procedure has no begun. They cannot interrupt the incubation procedure without killing the chick within the egg.

Both male and female cockatiels share the incubation the the eggs and it is usual to check out both of them in the nestbox at the very same time. Periodically one bird will be sitting on the eggs and also the other simply sitting beside and sometimes each bird will incubate somet the the eggs. Once one bird is exterior the nestbox eating, to relax him or herself, to eat or drink or come bathe -- the various other will take over the incubation the the eggs.

The dad does a many the egg incubation throughout the daytime as soon as the hen eats and rests exterior the swarm box. The hen will certainly incubate throughout the night, when the male generally sits external the swarm box guarding it.

Box Inspection:

You can check the swarm box a few times each day there is no unduly mental the birds. In fact, it"s one method to guarantee the birds are used to having actually you inspect on them. Announce your visit by tapping top top the box. The reason for this being the if the parents acquire startled or scared, they may accidentally break egg or trample chicken to death. Therefore, you really don"t desire to scare or surprise the parental by opening the box abruptly during the time of incubation and raising that young chicks.

After announcing yourself, gently herd the parental aside utilizing a sturdy newspaper or some various other barrier, if they select to stay in the nesting box during the inspection. Many cockatiels will prefer to leaving the nesting crate at that time. Also if you understand that the birds won"t leave the box, the is a great idea to tap on the box and also announce you yourself lest friend startle them and they rest an egg.

The advantage of having actually well-socialized cockatiels as breeders is the they are much less likely to get scared or upset as soon as you inspect on them.

Record Keeping:

Proper procedure would be to keep in mind the work the an initial egg was laid. I developed a type that you are welcome to use. Kind in PDF style ... Word Format.. The benefits room manifold for maintaining these records. Girlfriend will have the ability to make education decisions as to pairing up the chicks in the future by maintaining records of their heritage. The new owners may request the information. Breeders regularly use a non-toxic, water-proof soft-tip pen to mark each egg together it is set (Number 1 because that the first, etc.).

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The chicks will certainly hatch after 18 come 21 work of incubation.

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