Some people take computer security matter seriously. These space the kind of world who would install Deep frozen to protect their computer. The convenience of the application is the it will restore the computer system to the initial pre-set configuration upon reboot. So any change that happens between reboots, consisting of virus and malware infections, deserve to be got rid of easily.

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The problem is, removing the application as soon as you don’t require it no longer is a real pain in the neck. Friend can’t just uninstall it. The problem is multiplied when you forgot the password that protects the app.

This measure is understandable as defense apps’ task is to make it challenging for anyone to deteriorate the computer. Yet if you need to remove Deep Freeze, here are methods to carry out that.

Part 1: how to Uninstall without Password Deep freeze

The real trouble comes once you need to uninstall Deep freeze without discovering or forgetting the password due to the fact that you are simply forgetful or probably you inherited the Deep-Freeze-installed computer system from who else. It’s still feasible to uninstall the application, however you need to jump through much more hoops to execute so.

The easiest means to eliminate Deep Freeze without a password is to format the difficult drive whereby the application is installed and clean-install her Windows. However this an approach will also wipe every various other data top top the journey clean.

If girlfriend don’t want to take it such too much measure and also you still want to save the various other data, you can try this complying with method.

First, restart the computer and enter the BIOS setup environment. You can do therefore by pressing F2, F10, or DELbutton during restarting. There are differences in between computers on exactly how to get in BIOS, but it"s typically written down on the display at the beginning of restart process.

On the BIOS screen, change the computer system date to number of years front or behind the current date. This will make Deep frozen think the the device is not running anymore.


Then conserve the BIOS settings and restart the computer. Throughout this restart, enter the Debugging Mode. The shortcut key should be fast F8keystrokes. Yet again, you re welcome consult the screen instruction on exactly how to execute it.


When the Windows logo appears, press Ctrl + Alt + Delto open Task Manager.


On the job Manager, open up Processestab and find FrzState2K.exe.Select that process and click the End Processbutton.


With the application inactive, you could go and also delete the folder whereby Deep frozen is located. Try either of these locations: C:Program FilesFaronics or C:Program Files(x86)Faronics.


The last step is to delete the saved registry that Deep Freeze. You deserve to use regeditto perform it. Open Start - Run, type in regeditand fight Enter.

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREthen find and also delete the entire Farconis folder.


Restart your computer system to complete the totality process, and also you are complimentary from Deep Freeze.

Part 2: exactly how to Uninstall Deep Freeze v Password

Now permit look in ~ the technique of doing that when you do have actually the password. Because you can’t uninstall Deep Freeze once it’s active, you should disable it first.

First, float your mouse to the System Trayon the reduced right edge of your computer system screen and press theShiftbutton if double click on the Deep freeze icon. The application window will appear, and also it will certainly ask for her password.

Fill in your password and click OK(or fight Enterbutton).


Then you will certainly arrive at Deep Freeze’s Preferencesinterface. Choose Boot Thawedinside the Status on following Bootpane, then click Apply and also Reboot.


Your computer will it is in rebooted, and you will see theXsign top top the Deep Freeze symbol in the device Tray. The is the indication the the applications is currently disabled and also you can safely uninstall it.

Open the installation file called DFStd.exe. Friend should have this paper from once your an initial download the app. If girlfriend don’t have it handy, you could re-download the paper from here.

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With the installation record running, pick Uninstalland continue with the process. Your computer will be restarted when more, and you deserve to see the Deep frozen is no more.


That’s all for just how to remove Deep Freeze with or there is no password on home windows 10/8.1/8/7. And also if friend have trouble to recover shed Windows login password, right here we recommend windows Password key for her reference.