Developed in 2004, the VisualBoyAdvance (VBA) is a renowned emulator for the Nintendo GameBoy color and development hand-held video game consoles. The emulator enables you to play GameBoy gamings on Windows, Linux and Apple Macintosh operating systems. One such video game is Pokemon Sapphire (also well-known as Pokemon Ruby) which was released in 2002. The game has a unique item called an Eon infinity ticket that when activated, enables the player"s personality to travel to southerly Island. The rare ticket was originally only obtainable at Nintendo advancement events, but can quiet be obtained with a special cheat machine called Gameshark.

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Stock increase on as numerous items together you deserve to carry before you try to obtain and activate the Eon ticket. You deserve to arrive only as soon as at southerly Island, whereby you will certainly fight the bird-like dragon biology Latias (Ruby version) or Latios (Sapphire version).

Maneuver her character come the Petalburg Pokemon Center and talk come the human to the appropriate of the PC. Tell him her profile as soon as prompted and also wait because that the "Strange Happening" menu to appear.

Use your Gameshark maker and form code 0332305F41A5F851 to create the Nintendo in-game promotion event. Wait a few seconds and also then go into code F444CA88ABDFE871 to acquire the Eon ticket.

Activate your Eon ticket by disabling the 2nd code. To perform this, location the ticket in the PC next to the guy then remove it; the ticket need to now show up in your vital item pocket.

Go to Lilycove Harbor. Attempt to board the S. S. Tidal; you will certainly speak come a woman, and also then a sailor with take you top top his watercraft to the southerly Island.

Climb the stairs when you arrive at the southern Island and make your means to the island"s interior. Click the environment-friendly item at the center of the area, and Latias or Latios will certainly descend for you to fight.

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