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factory renewed come original condition HUSQVARNA 223L Gas Weed Trimmer

Lightweight trimmer the is perfect for landowners and also semi-professionals searching for the top quality of Husqvarna"s E-Tech engine and also the ergonomic features distinctive to a directly shaft. Easy beginning with air purge. Strong, braided wire cable drive and also durable equipment box that increases reliability. Comes with basic loading T35 bang trimmer head.

Please note: store your trimmer in horizontal position, storing the vertical position can cause your carburetor to flood.

This unit does not come with oil

Certified Refurbished Items

This is a used item that has actually been professionally restored to functioning order by a manufacturer or manufacturer-approved vendor. This method the product will show signs that use, such together scratches and also scuffs, however has been inspected and repaired to accomplish manufacturer specifications and also is in the initial working condition. This item may or may not be in the initial packaging.

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manufacturing facility Refurbished HUSQVARNA 223L 24.5 cc 2 hit Gas Weed TrimmerAuto return prevent switchStop switch automatically resets come the ON position for much easier starting.Air PurgeRemoves wait from carburetor and also fuel mechanism for straightforward starting.Smart StartThe engine and also starter have been designed so the device starts quickly with minimum effort.Three-piece crankshaftForged three-piece crankshaft because that maximum durability because that the toughest applications.Bump FeedCylinder bore -1.34 inchCylinder stroke1.06 inchPower output1.01 hpMaximum power speed9000 rpmMaximum encourage engine speed11700 rpmCarburetorZama C1QFuel tank volume16.91 fl ozFuel consumption603 g/kWhIgnition systemWalbro MBGear ratio1:1.46Drive equipment angle30Tube length58.39 inchTube diameter0.94 "Weight: 9 LbsPlease store your trimmer horizontal, save on computer it upright can cause your carburetor come floodBox Content:24.5cc Straight pillar TrimmerShaftCutting attachments guardLoop handleTrimmer headOperator"s ManualComes AssembledProduct Condtion:Factory Refurbished: A provided item that has actually been professionally revitalized to functioning order by a manufacturer or manufacturer-approved vendor. This means the product will display signs that wear, yet has to be inspected and also repaired to fulfill manufacturer specifications and is in the original working condition, however will have signs of use, such together scratches and scuffs. This item may or might not it is in in the original packaging.Part Number: 223L90 job VMinnovation vouch