Whether you"re reuniting with your long-distance partner this weekend, or your live-in lover is wait for you at home, a sweet message that tells your partner you"re excited to check out them later have the right to really brighten your day. Letting them know exactly how impatient you room for the moment you link up can only sweeten the anticipation, especially if you"ve been craving part one-on-one time or you had actually a specifically tough work at occupational or in class. If you and also your partner are long-distance, you"re more than likely extra familiar with how crappy that feels come not be able to see your SO for lengthy stretches that time. Thankfully, over there are tons of ways to keep in touch and let them know just how much they typical to you.

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(And just how excited you room to kiss their face next time you"re together.)

As friend count down the job or hours until you see your partner, send them one of these soft, sweet suggestions.

1. Hi! just popping in to say ns love you and also I can"t wait to check out you tonight.