I am first in Earth, second in Heaven, I show up two time in a week. You can only see me as soon as in a year, back I"m in the center of sea. That am I?

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Answer is EThe asnwer is E. As In spelling of earth E comes first, in heaven it come second, in week it come twice, in a year it come once and also finally in spelling of sea E stands in middle of the spelling.
A hungry donkey was tied to a rope eight feet long. Around thirty feet away there was a basket of fresh carrots. The donkey want to eat those carrots. Exactly how did he reach them?
Two sisters us are, one is dark and one is fair,In twin towers dwelling we"re quite the pair,One indigenous land and one native sea,Tell united state truly, who room we?
In a small town in the joined States, a teenage boy asked his parental if he can go come a friend"s party. His parents agreed, noted that he was back before sunrise. That left the home that night clean-shaven and when he returned just prior to the complying with sunrise his parents to be amazed to see that he had actually a totally grown beard. What happened?
The little town was Barrow in Alaska, the northernmost city in the joined States. When the sun sets there in the middle of November, it does not rise again because that 65 days. That enabled plenty that time for the boy to grow a beard before the next sunrise.
Frank and also some the the boys were exchanging old battle stories. James available one around how his grandfather (Captain Smith) led a battalion versus a German division during people War I. V brilliant maneuvers he beat them and also captured an useful territory. In ~ a few months after the battle he was presented with a knife bearing the inscription: "To Captain Smith for Bravery, Daring and also Leadership, human being War One, native the males of Battalion 8." frank looked at James and said, "You really don"t expect anyone to think that yarn, perform you?"What is wrong with the story?
It wasn"t called civilization War One until much later. The was referred to as the an excellent War at first, since they did no know throughout that war and immediately afterward that there would be a second World war (WW II).
Sam is talking to his lawyer in jail. Lock are really upset due to the fact that the judge has actually refused to grant bail. In ~ the finish of the conversation Sam is allowed to leave the jail. Why?
If will certainly follow you because that 1000 miles yet not miss out on home. It desires neither food nor flowers. It fears no water, fire, knives, no one soldiers. Yet it disappears as soon as the sun sets behind the western mountains. Who Am I?
Your bike crashed right into the dark forest and also suddenly girlfriend saw and also deadly panther and jaguar. You got just one bullet. What is your escape strategy?

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