Last week, Craig cutting board told me the we’d discover the name of Ted’s children in Monday’s episode, and as promised, the an enig was solved! The twist? That’s no the only big reveal in “Unpause.”

You see, simply hours before Barney and also Robin’s wedding, the corridor was hanging out in the hotel bar getting their bonding on and getting nice drunk in the process. Together time ticked away, the team soon thinned out, through Marshall and Lily excusing themselves so they could go upstairs and also “unpause” their epos fight over Marshall’s judgeship, which, you’ll recall, he took without consulting Lily. Thus, Ted, Robin, and also a very drunk Barney to be left to game themselves, i beg your pardon turned out to be less complicated than they believed after they realized Barney had just got to a level that drunkenness, one i beg your pardon they dubbed Truth Serum Drunk. (The previous highest possible level to be Jabba Drunk.)

+ “I acquired thrown out trying come stretch a single into a double.” — Barney describing come Ted what happened with Ted’s mother, in baseball terms.

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+ Barney and also Robin WILL have a ring bearER, reality Barney assured Robin. His surname is Trevor Hudson, and he’s adorable….Later, us learned that Trevor is also a bear. Natch.

But arguably the best reveal? that Barney earns “16 craploads” a year functioning for Greg, the guy who once took his girlfriend! girlfriend remember Greg, that we an initial learned about in “Game Night,” the 15th illustration of the first season. He’s the man who do Barney turn right into the guy he is now — literally. And also Barney’s job? PLEASE. No, seriously. Together Greg defined it as soon as Barney applied with the company years ago, Barney’s sole task to be to “Provide legal Exculpation and Sign Everything.” therefore Barney, in a way, has actually been telling us the answer every along. Clever.

Learning Barney’s “job,” though, involved Ted and Robin, that told Barney that he had actually basically been signing documents that would make that the fall guy because that the company. This was not naltoalsimce.orgs come Barney, however. In fact, it was all part of his plan. Future Ted defined that month after the wedding, Barney revealed come Greg the he had been working v the Feds the entire time and that anyone at the company who had done a poor deed was gaining busted. It was the can be fried revenge. (Note: i wonder what Barney did for a living after that. Assuming he needed to work. His wife is loaded, after ~ all…)

All this unraveled together Marshall and also Lily were upstairs postponing your fight once again with a tiny adult activity. Marshall had actually hoped that his an abilities in bed would result in a tired all-night session that would leave Lily can not to fight, and, great going Marshall, it worked. However his efforts to bang his mam to sleep to be wasted as soon as he accidentally woke she from her slumber, at which time she declared an “unpause.”

We’ve basically been waiting all season to see this showdown, and it was as explosive as you’d expect. Lily stood her ground ~ above Italy, as I’d hoped she would, but things turn ugly when Marshall called her art a “hobby.” and when she called him selfish, he lugged up mountain Francisco. He also went as far regarding passive aggressively questioning if he and Marvin were her “consolation prize” for no making the in the art world. Short blow, Marshall.

Lily didn’t stick around long after ~ that and also called someone to choose her increase from the hotel. (Nothing an excellent happens after 2 A.M., together we know.) Who? We’ll uncover out following week, I’m sure. Until then, i welcome her guesses.

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The episode ended on a happier note, luckily. ~ we saw Lily hop into the mysterious car, we flashed forward in time to Ted and also The Mother, who walked the end of the hotel in a rush…because The mom was in labor! “Penny” to be looking forward to having a large brother, Ted told her, as the team (Ted, baby Penny, The Mother and also The Mother’s belly) piled right into a car.

Nothing great happens after 2 A.M, Future Ted said, but there’s exception to every rule. The night, the exception was called Luke. (Awwwww. The mommy let him have actually Luke — as in Skywalker, I’m assuming.)


''Um. Why is Jon Cryer in NPH's spot?" claims commenter MKS. ''How have the right to the Emmys disregard Barney's tear-jerking yet touchingly funny journey with his reunion…

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