The overriding theme of Walt Whitman"s poem “I listen America Singing” is the dignity that work. In what is a very romanticized watch of work, Whitman looks beyond the mindless drudgery the affects many working human being in his day come behold rather what he regards together the dignity of your calling.

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I would certainly argue the there space three themes in this wonderful, uplifting city of Walt Whitman"s. The an initial is the joy that deserve to be uncovered in one"s work, the 2nd is companionship, and the third is satisfaction through one"s lot of in life.

singing is virtually always a joyous action,...

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I would certainly argue that there are three themes in this wonderful, uplifting poem of Walt Whitman"s. The an initial is the delight that have the right to be uncovered in one"s work, the 2nd is companionship, and also the 3rd is satisfaction v one"s lot of in life.

Singing is almost always a joyous action, and also this poem provides countless illustrations of world singing as they go around their work. Even though the is blue-collar work, and also one that the people mentioned is this poem are most likely to it is in fabulously wealthy, they are all happy and also content.

The theme of companionship is introduced by the cite of two different professions in numerous of the present in the poem. For example, the shoemaker and also the hatter room both singing, and also the wood-cutter and also the ploughboy both have a song.

The design template of satisfaction deserve to be found in the heat "Each singing what belongs to him or her and to nobody else." This has a strong implication that every worker is satisfied v his or her lot in life, and that there is no jealousy or ill-feeling in between the workers explained by Whitman.

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The layout of delight pervades the whole poem, and an image is developed of a happy culture filled with music and also melodies. A world cost-free of complaints and also full of tune is a wonderful location to imagine, and also one can feel Whitman"s delight as one reads the poem.