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Introduction and also Text the "Identity"

Julio Noboa Polanco's piece of doggerel, title "Identity," has come to be an web favorite; unfortunately, this clumsy city employs the use of hyperbole that outcomes in nonsense. The objective of exaggeration is to emphasize the characteristics of some entity or event, no to pervert the subject right into something the is not. Because that example, one’s thoughts might be hyperbolically expressed together soaring choose an eagle. However if one locations those thoughts in the mind of a weed clinging to a cliff, the opportunity of trip becomes impossible. That ludicrous comparison appears in the second versagraph that this poem: "I'd quite be a tall, ugly weed, / clinging on cliffs, favor an eagle / wind-wavering above high, jagged rocks."

The theme of the item centers ~ above the an extremely human and admirable desire because that freedom and individuality. The speaker, therefore, is asserting the unlike all the misguided souls who select to live a disciplined life, this speaker proudly announces the he prefers to remain a rowdy rebel, yet the speaker unfortunately chooses to to compare himself and his compatriots come plants. The desire for liberty precludes the desire to it is in an entity that is rooted to ground.

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A perverted kind of appropriateness is afloat in the truth that the versagraphs stay uneven in the ~ pretend poem. Technical skill as well as logic room both severely lacking in the internet sensation.


Let them be together flowers, always watered, fed, guarded, admired, however harnessed come a pot that dirt.

I'd fairly be a tall, ugly weed, clinging top top cliffs, prefer an eagle wind-wavering over high, jagged rocks.

To have broken through the surface of stone, come live, to feeling exposed come the wildly of the vast, eternal sky. To be swayed by the breezes of an old sea, transferring my soul, mine seed, beyond the hills of time or right into the abyss the the bizarre.

I'd rather be unseen, and also if climate shunned through everyone, 보다 to be a pleasant-smelling flower, farming in clusters in the abundant valley, where they're praised, handled, and plucked by greedy, person hands.

I'd fairly smell the musty, eco-friendly stench than of sweet, fragrant lilac. If I might stand alone, solid and free, I'd quite be a tall, ugly weed.

Reading the "Identity"


In Julio Noboa Polanco's "Identity," the expression the the heartfelt desire for freedom and also individuality continues to be shrouded behind mixed metaphors and the inappropriate usage of hyperbole.

First Movement: Ludicrous Dichotomy and also Mixed Metaphor

Let castle be together flowers, constantly watered, fed, guarded, admired, but harnessed come a pot of dirt.

I'd rather be a tall, ugly weed, clinging on cliffs, prefer an eagle wind-wavering above high, jagged rocks.

The speak concocts a perverted dichotomy between himself and his fellows, who he identifies simply as "them." leaving those others, "them," unidentified, however, the speak takes as his job to castigate those who do not agree with his specific brand of flexibility philosophy.

The speaker's opened lines mix a metaphor of flower and also horse. Those other people, who the speak disdains, are prefer well-kept flower in a flower pot, however he states they space "harnessed to a pot the dirt." steeds are harnessed, no flowers. His mixed an allegory betrays the piece as nonsense. Mixed metaphors cannot communicate accurately, as the blending creates only confusion and disorder.

The very first part of the dichotomy is the flower, and also the second is a weed; thus, the speak is do the efforts to to convince his readers that being a weed is much better than gift a flower. He insurance claims that the prefers to be a large ugly weed, and also he likens that ugly weed, which additionally lives fastened come dirt simply as the flower in a pot does, to an eagle. The lack of logic right here is breathtaking: eagles fly, plants perform not! that matters no that the plant resides admired in a pot or grows out on the prairie unseen by anyone; neither will ever before takes wings and also fly away as the eagle absolutely will. Again, a mixed metaphor, below expressed together a simile, has resulted in nothing but confusion.

Second Movement: The Curse that Postmod Gibberish

To have broken through the surface ar of stone, come live, to feeling exposed come the wildly of the vast, eternal sky. To be swayed by the breezes of an old sea, carrying my soul, my seed, past the mountains of time or into the abyss the the bizarre.

The speaker then supplies a series of infinitives, "to have broken," "to feel," "to live," and "to be swayed." The an initial infinitive describes the action of a saxifrage, a tree that has burst v some tough surface choose concrete or "stone." The speaker supplies no context because that such one action, which does not accordingly describe any action a human being being might take.

But the speaker appears to think that breaking v that stony surface ar will enable him "to live." and apparently to him, life is gift "exposed to the wildly / that the huge eternal sky." Tell that to victims of tornadoes, hurricanes, and also other severe, devastating storms that maim and also kill. Much from allowing him come live, the "madness" can kill him instead.

In a vague, meaningless, and stupendously absurd claim, the speaker asserts the he would favor his "soul" and his "seed" come be brought by the winds that "an ancient sea" to some "abyss of the bizarre" which supposedly exists "beyond the mountains of time." Again, the effort at hyperbole remains nonsensical. If the is a weed, his seed may be brought far and vast by the wind. However trying to make the areas where the seed might land into "an ancient sea" "beyond the hills of time" creates a vagueness that continues to be unrealizable.

The "abyss of the bizarre" opens the hyperbolic cruising on the wind come the level of an absurd abstraction. The poetaster is clear striving to sound profound but fails to even offer picture that deserve to be perceived.

Third Movement: Confusion and also Contradiction

I'd rather be unseen, and also if then shunned through everyone, than to be a pleasant-smelling flower, growing in swarm in the abundant valley, wherein they're praised, handled, and also plucked through greedy, person hands.

There appears to be a structural error in the opened line in the movement. The "and if" appears to be dangling, offering no an interpretation and only confusing what the speak is trying to say. Possibly he means "or," but actually omitting the phrase might enhance meaning somewhat.

The speak has currently claimed the would like to it is in a weed cultivation wild and cost-free than to it is in a tree in a pot. Currently the speaker insurance claims he would prefer to be invisible than to be a "pleasant-smelling flower" also if the flower is growing in a "fertile valley." This claim throws a ridiculous contradiction into the mix. He desired to a weed to a flower in a pot due to the fact that the weed is out growing somewhere in nature. Yet now he's denigrating also flowers that grow wild.

Fourth Movement: A Stinky Weed

I'd quite smell the musty, eco-friendly stench than of sweet, fragrant lilac. If I might stand alone, solid and free, I'd quite be a tall, ugly weed.

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The speaker has now went back to his desire to it is in a weed—and a stinky weed at that. The would prefer to stink and also "stand alone" than to it is in a sweet smelling lilac. That fancies the those ugly, tall, stinky weeds have an ext freedom 보다 sweet-smelling flower that people enjoy. The concept is ludicrous. A weed walk not, in fact, possess much more freedom, nor is that stronger, 보다 a flower.

Of course, everyone prefers to live together a being who possesses strength and freedom. Thus, this would-be poet’s instinct for flexibility is well-grounded and even admirable, but unfortunately his execution the this poem remains a hyperbolic disaster.