If miscellaneous is supposed to occur now, then it will occur now, for this reason one could say ""tis to come." (It is about to happen).I don"t understand why it is "’tis no to come." instead.

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I am asking around the apparent definition of this sentence, not why the was offered in the pat or any type of philosophical definition of it.

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If it be now, ’tis no to come. If the be no to come, it will be now. If the be no now, yet it will come

Shakespeare: If it it is in now, "tis not to come;Literal: If miscellaneous will take place now, then it cannot take place later (it can not be delayed).

Figurative: If my fatality is an alleged to take place now, that will, and also I cannot readjust my fate/destiny.


Shakespeare: if it be not to come, it will certainly be now;

Literal: If something cannot occur later, it must occur now.

Figurative: If my death is claimed to happen now, it will, and I cannot readjust my fate/destiny (same figurative definition as theabove, just said differently).


Shakespeare: if it be not now, however it will come:

Literal: If something doesn"t take place now, it will certainly still happen later.Figurative: My fatality will happen, and even if I"m not claimed to die now, I will certainly die once it my death is fated/destined to happen.
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Not a whit. Us defy augury. There’s a special providence in the fall of a sparrow. If it be now, ’tis not to come. If it be no to come, it will be now. If the be no now, however it will certainly come—the readiness is all. Because no man of aught he leaves knows, what is ’t to leaving betimes? allow be.

In impact this says: if it wake up now, the won"t happen later; and also if that doesn"t happen now, it will take place later; therefore the necessary thing is to be prepared. "Readiness is all."

So the an interpretation is not really various from modern-day altoalsimce.org.

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If it be now,


if it is intended to take place now.

’tis no to come


it is no left to happen in the future, the implicit an interpretation is essential here i m sorry is the it has already happened (because it is not left to come).

The contemporary altoalsimce.org translate into (although in a various tense) on Spark notes is reasonable:

If something is supposed to happen now, the will

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