“When I execute good, ns feel good. Once I execute bad, i feel bad. It is my religion.” Abraham Lincoln

I have a yoga friend, Larry Smith, who runs a website referred to as Six-WordMemoirs, whereby the difficulty is to sum up the viewpoint of your life in 6 words. You can just share your six word memoir on the site or have actually it emblazoned top top a t-shirt. Clever, right?

It didn’t take me lengthy to figure out my six words.

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These 6 words guide the choices I make.

These six words give my client permission come live the life they desire to live.

My 6 word memoir is: If it feels good, carry out it.

If we would simply do much more of what felt good in our lives we would never go astray.

Sounds simple, however it’s not.

Because nobody teaches us just how to acquire in touch with and also pay attention to what feels good and what doesn’t.

Think around this because that a second:

You understand when something feels an excellent and right in her body. It can be a tingly emotion in her arms or an open, expansive emotion in her chest. You recognize truth due to the fact that you can feel it.

Likewise, you know when other is turn off or just isn’t right. You feel a tightness in your neck, shoulders and jaw or you feel like it’s difficult to breathe and also there’s a heaviness in her chest. Our bodies tell us once we’re in danger or top top a pains path.

We deserve to ignore this feelings in ours bodies, yet when us do, we lose track of the best and most reliable guidance system we have.

We should let ours bodies guide us.

We should an alert our emotions.

We should trust this inner wisdom.

“That sounds selfish to me.”

It should sound selfish. We have to be selfish.

If you’re not selfish sufficient to care about how friend feel, then you’ll have nothing to give anyone, anyway. You cannot provide generously from an empty tank or a tired soul.

“Well if everyone simply did what feel good, wouldn’t there be mass chaos?”

No, since hurting other civilization never feeling good. (Unless you’re a psychopath, of course. And if that’s the case, please unsubscribe indigenous my list now.)

People who feel an excellent when lock being terrible – come people’s property, stays or understanding – have been for this reason disconnected from who they really room for for this reason long, they deserve to no much longer distinguish in between what feels great and what feels bad.

Next time you’re act something that renders you happy – pushing son on a swing, petting your dog, or talking v your ideal friend – an alert what emotion you feeling in your body. Keep doing those varieties of things; do an ext of what feels good.

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And following time you’re act something the feels prefer an responsibility or you’re feeling stuck or lonely, sad or disconnected, notice that physics sensation and pay fist to it. Then, do something come feels good.

Be selfish. Live passionately. Love deeply. And if that feels good, through all way – perform it. 


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