8! 60 split by 15 is 4. There space 4 teams of 15 cents. At a price of 2 lemons per 15 cent you gain 8 lemons. The unit price per lemon is 7.5 so friend can examine it by doing 7.5 times 8.

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8.If you collection up the problem as a ratio and cross multiply, friend will uncover that you might buy 8 lemons because that 60 cents.Set up the equation prefer this:2/15 to x/60.Multiply 2 with 60, then proceed to division by 15 in bespeak to discover x.Hope this helps!

There room 8 lemons he have the right to bought for 60 cents.

Step-by-step explanation:

since us have given that

Number of lemon = 2

Cost that 2 lemons = 15 cents

By making use of "Unitary Method":,

For 15 cents, variety of lemons he have the right to bought = 2

For 1 cent, variety of lemons he have the right to bought is given by


For 60 cents, number of lemons he have the right to bought is given by


Hence, there are 8 lemon he can bought for 60 cents.



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