You can determine the “nominal” condenser tonnage of your HVAC device by examining the model number top top the data plate at the next of the condenser (outdoor unit). As with the nominal dimension of timber or an air air conditioning filter, the specific cooling capacity may be a little much more or much less than the nominal rating, yet it’s close.

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For international Comfort, you should look because that the 5th and 6th digit the the version number, or approximately that location. It will be a number divisible by 6 or 12, and represents the nominal BTU that the device in thousands. A ton of waiting conditioning amounts to 12,000 BTU, and 48 separated by 12 amounts to 4, so the data plate below indicates the device is 4 tons.


Here’s a synopsis of the variety you will certainly encounter: 18 = 1.5 tons, 24 = 2 tons, 30 - 2.5 tons, 36 = 3 tons, 42 = 3.5 tons, 48 = 4 tons, and also 60 = 5 tons. And also this is one more one that is 3-1/2 tons.


If you room unsure even if it is you have found the best two numbers, you have the right to double-check the by in search of the “RLA” rating on the data plate. RLA is an acronym for Rated fill Amperage, and is what the best amperage should be when the condenser up and running. If you divide the RLA by 6 because that older units and 5 or 6 for newer units, girlfriend should obtain a number the approximates (not exactly) the tonnage the the system. Make certain you use RLA and not LRA, Locked Rotor Amperage, i beg your pardon is the rise of amps crucial to get over inertia and also start the system. That averages approximately five times the RLA.

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