Thousands that Darkstar alternatives out there and your eyes started to acquire strained? we know! This Darkstar Skateboards review will solve your eye on few of the most worth buying.

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Now our task is come narrow down the perform of promising Darkstar candidates. It’s sure gonna it is in a tough job, yet it’s not impossible. Through that gift said, the list provides no sense if you don’t know what criteria you want to align your buying decision with.

So here it is, a overview that go you v all the actions of choosing the finest Darkstar skateboard for yourself.

Things come Know prior to Buying A Darkstar

Choose your Skateboard Size

Once you discover a board dimension that fits, you have tendency to stick with it either forever or quite a while. However if this is the very first time you ever buy a skateboard, learning around the board sizes and the pros and also cons of every is a must-do.

Most skaters choose between 7.75, 8.00, and also 8.125. The number reflects you how wide the deck is, in inches. If you force us to provide out just one answer, we would say 8.00. However it should not be a set answer because that all.

Generally, the bigger the deck is, the more surface and also stability you have on the board. And also the diluent it is, the an ext flexible you can end up being when act skating tricks.

Think around Your spending plan In The Ballpark

How lot are you willing to pay because that a Darkstar skateboard? break down your spending plan for deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware and also all other accessories in need.

The advice is the deck, truck, and also wheels should be the peak priorities to invest your money on. For this reason we are talking about the quality and durability of the materials. You pay an ext to have much more time using and also less time maintaining.

Get right into All The Product Specs

Yes, all of them. Deck measures, concave type, material, graphics, popping quality, had accessories (if any). Scrutinize them, job them through your personal preferences.

Make certain it is something that you want and you think it fits your needs, her skating level, and also your budget. Also, unfortunately, this writing will not assist you to pick one that looks cool on her bedroom’s wall.

Stay away From Walmart Darkstar

Last yet not least at all, Walmart is no a place to purchase a high quality Darkstar skateboard. If you space in the atmosphere of breaking something to relax your disappointed after lot of fails, a Walmart board could help. Yet it’s the only case you will need it.

It remains unsure if those Darkstar skateboards in Walmart room the really ones. Yet it is proven by plenty of pros and skating enthusiasts choose Aaron Kyro, man Hill, and Bryan Arnett that the top quality is no really as much as standard.

Darkstar Skateboards evaluation – The ideal Darkstar to Skate on

height 1
Darkstar Skateboard Deck Decenzo Anthology 8.375" x 32.1"
This board steps 8.375" x 32.1" through a 14.25" wheelbase and Full Concave.
top 2
Darkstar Skateboard Deck Kechaud Anthology 8.0" x 31.6" v Grip
This board steps 8.0" x 31.6" through a 14" wheelbase and Full Concave.; additionally includes a sheet of black Diamond Griptape.
top 3
Darkstar Shock Skateboard T-Shirt dimension Youth Large
Shock; Multi-Color
optimal 4
Darkstar Skateboard Deck division Black/Red 7.75" x 31.2"
height 5
Darkstar Skateboard finish Felix Future Manolo 8.0" x 31.6"
This pro skateboard deck is perfect for every skill level native beginner come pro.
optimal 6
Darkstar Skateboard Deck Decenzo Anthology 8.375" x 32.1" through Grip
This board steps 8.375" x 32.1" through a 14.25" wheelbase and Full Concave.; also includes a sheet of black Diamond Griptape.
optimal 7
Darkstar Skateboard finish Decenzo Anthology 8.375" x 32.1"
This agree skateboard deck is suitable for every ability level indigenous beginner to pro.
optimal 8
Darkstar Skateboard Assembly Kechaud Anthology 8.0" x 31.6" Complete
This agree skateboard deck is suitable for every ability level from beginner to pro.
peak 9
Darkstar Skateboard Assembly Decenzo Anthology 8.375" x 32.1" Complete
This pro skateboard deck is perfect for every ability level from beginner to pro.
transaction OF THE DAYTop 10
SCSK8 agree Skateboard finish Pre-Assembled graphic / Natural finish (The Natural)
7 Ply Maple Construction; Aluminum 5" Trucks; High bounce flat-spot resistance 52mm PU Wheels
For many years Darkstar has actually been under Dwindle’s manufacture and also distribution. The high quality is thus continuous from product to product.

We chose 5 names in our Darkstar Skateboards review as the highlights that the brand. And also here lock are.

Darkstar cool Soft Wheels

The Darkstar cool comes out through an 8-inch deck, i beg your pardon is an ideal size because that skaters of every levels. And as that is a complete board, every the eligible accessories are already in the box. We have a deck that high-quality maple, T5 trucks, wheels of 51m 95a, carbon steel bearings, and grip tape.

It’s prepared to skate ideal out that the box, the assembly is decent. Soft wheels permit for practically all skating scenarios like in the park, vert, street, pool. The stiff glue extra ~ above the deck will make that through any reasonable stomp test.

This Darkstar Grand have the right to be roughly for rather a while. So there’s really no need to treat it favor a lady. It will stay firm to be your buddy for a long time.

This Darkstar Grand is among the brand’s classics. The deck graphic is an easy yet iconic v a black color Darkstar logotype ~ above a red background.


Decent assemblyVersatile skating purposesEasy-to-notice Darkstar graphics


51m wheels deserve to sometimes give a rocky feeling

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Darkstar Roses Lime Green

This is an additional popular complete board native Darkstar. However as contrasted to the Darkstar Grand, the Darkstar Roses Lime comes v a smaller deck. If the Grand has the conventional 8-inch broad and 31.6-inch lengthy deck, the Roses Lime is smaller with the actions of 7.75-inch width and 31.2-inch length.

Enough for the number, what does the mean? A smaller deck allows for more flexibility while you room skating. Ollies, kickflips, or any type of other trick the you need to lift her feet the end of the board will certainly be a little easier.

But that is not the case when it comes to landing. As your feet have less room come land, the trick deserve to be harder to complete.

It’s quite true come say that the rose Limes is an ext of a youth skateboard or for skaters that have actually prior experience in law tricks.


Smaller deck for much more flexibilityElegant graphic of neon Roses LimeSuitable for young/kid skaters


Can be harder to land

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Darkstar Magic Carpet Black

It is an additional 8.00 skateboard native Darkstar. Yet it is not fairly standard together the size is a bit more excessive than the Grand and of course Roses Lime – 32 inches.

The difference in number is not rather significant. Yet when it pertains to actual skating, you will feel it. Darkstar Magic Carpet black provides more stability if skating. That is one ideal an option for a beginner, particularly when skating in hallways and also staircases is preferred.

However, a much longer deck can be a small bit tricky once doing kickflips. That is also more likely the the deck tail will wear out much faster than other 8-inch decks.


More secure feeling ~ above deckSuitable because that beginnerIdeal for hallway and also staircase skating


Deck tail can wear fairly fast

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Darkstar Dave Bachinsky heavy Metal

Dave Bachinsky heavy Metal is a hot and sexy option from Darkstar. The graphics include gorgeous comic-style artwork. The woman protagonist stands out from the emerald background, fierce-looking and also stunning appearance!

The vivid graphics blends well in between trucks, if the deck’s nose and also tail are green. Solid glue for an excellent durability, vibrant graphics, and also high-quality deck providing stable pop, these are the most far-reaching features.

Similar to the Grand, this Darkstar Dave Bachinsky heavy Metal steps 8.00 and 31.6 inches. All the best of Darkstar room still on this deck – standard deck, solid wood, stubborn glue extra and also grip tape. You will need a bit an ext time and also money to rally it as the transaction does not encompass trucks, bearings, and wheels.

But it’s not really poor news together you have actually several options of accessories from Darkstar. One fast fact, Darkstar supplied to it is in a wheel company before evolving come a skateboard brand.

So yes sir no doubt around its accessory quality, and there’s no require to discover the equipment in any other brand. The Darkstar has them all, if you currently have a Darkstar deck, it’s finest to use all gears likewise from Darkstar.


Beautiful comic-style graphicsHave more choices because that accessories


Deck only

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Darkstar Lockup royal Blue

The critical Darkstar ~ above the list is rather an unusual board. We room all acquainted with 8.00 x 31.6 or 7.75 x 31.2 boards. Yet with Darkstar Lockup royal Blue, the measure is 7.875 x 31.7. For this reason it will be a small bit thinner yet longer than a Darkstar Grand.

It appears that the manufacturer do the efforts to do a hybrid having all the advantages of both 8.00 and also 7.75 boards. Still, there is no significant difference in numbers, but it breaks under to the feeling.

The only distinction of this plank separating that from all complete Darkstar boards over is the deck size. It also comes in a complete version, which means that it has actually all the gears it demands to it is in ready-to-skate appropriate out that the box.

Deck, grip tape, wheels, trucks, bearings, they space all in there. In spite of the distinction in deck size, Darkstar has no change to the dimension of wheel in this version. The still contains the 95A 51mm wheel in the set.


Better balance in trick efficiency and stability ~ above deckComplete plank to skate ideal away


Not countless are accessible on the market

Buy that on

Things come Prep yourself Up because that Skateboarding (Not only Beginners require This)

How to loss Correctly

When friend fall, the hurts, duh! however if you don’t know how to fall, you i will not ~ be skating very long. And you absolutely don’t desire to be choose in those cringy skateboarding slams videos. Enough for the warning. Below are some tips:

While you are cruising, jump out of the deck (either both feet ~ above the same side or on the contrary of the deck).Steer your board to grass locations so once it stops, you have the right to learn how to fall out of the deck through no harm.When you fall, bow a little bit and try to constantly land v the side of your body, tighten her core and tuck yourself right into a ball-like shape.Make the landing indigenous a rolling position to a stop position. Bend your wrist, arms, shoulders, back, and legs.Get provided to the falls by in reality practicing the falls.Fun truth – experienced skaters are far better at falling than they are at skating.

Do that Right before Do that Impressively

Everyone desires to execute a kickflip. But don’t run right into it if you space not act well v the starting person tricks. Her skating skill structure should incorporate knowing exactly how to manipulate the board, gift comfortable ~ above it, and at least knowing exactly how to ollie.

Don’t compare Yourself with Anyone

Skateboarding is not a one-to-one competition. As long as girlfriend are having fun, that’s enough. Different human being learn points at various rates. Comparing yourself v others will only drag you under in frustration.

Injuries Won’t impress People

We should all agree that being for sure is a lot an ext important than looking cool. Helmet and also protection gears, they offer you more confidence and less injury while practicing tricks. Skater, yes; poser, no.

Watch, Learn and Improve

The best way to enhance in slip is neighboring yourself with various other skaters. Don’t acquire shy to be about with civilization whose level is miles above from yours.

You can likewise be a support of your skate buddies. Also if the is just an ollie but they take it time to do it, present them your encouragement.

The finest Feeling Worths The many Fails

Don’t collection a negative note on any type of skating day. You space gonna have actually some poor days through the progress not seeming to have any kind of positive sign. But don’t permit a fail trick damage the entirety experience.

It is no that girlfriend or the devices is not good enough. Give it a break if a trick doesn’t revolve out well. Come ago to the later, try something different, don’t obtain discouraged, and always have fun!

Made Up your Mind Yet?

Now ours Darkstar Skateboards review has concerned an end. And also not just reviewing different options, yet we additionally give girlfriend the walkthrough to select your own Darkstar skateboards.

Overall, Darkstar is a brand with long-lasting and positive exposure ~ above the market. Both deck and accessory top quality are every good, numerous of our recommendations above are complete boards. Specifically if you are not quite offered to assembling a skateboard, there will be no an ext struggles, complete boards answer directly to the point.

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We have done the review, now the job passes top top you. That time to pick a Darkstar and prep yourself up to skate on it.