Some people think of cacao when they hear the name Dove, while others think that soap. Regardless of which category you’re in, did you do it heard of, used, or even relished Dove products: chocolate and soap. But, they owned by the same company?

Dove chocolate and Dove soap are not own by the exact same company. Coco is owned by Mars, a brand that renders chocolates and cream, if Dove soap is make by Unilever, a agency that produce soap and also beauty products.

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Read on to discover the difference in between Dove chocolate and Dove soap, that owns them, and why human being think the same agency makes them.

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Are Dove Chocolate and also Soap the same Company?

While both assets have the surname Dove, they are owned by various companies. That is not illegal or improper for both products (Dove chocolate and also Dove soap) to organize the same name.

This is possible because two registered trademarks can exist through the same note if each has been assigned to different categories of services or goods. There will be no likelihood of mixing them increase or confound them.

With Dove, one is connected with chocolate and also ice cream products, if the other is connected to soap and also beauty products. Thus, it is unlikely because that anyone to incorrectly bath with a cacao bar instead of Dove soap or eat the bar soap reasoning it’s Dove chocolate.

Does Dove Soap make Dove Chocolate?

Dove soap doesn’t do Dove chocolate, no does Dove coco make Dove soap.

Dove cacao Vs. Dove Soap

Dove Chocolate

An American Greek called Leo Stefanos developed Dove chocolate. He established the Candies and Cream agency that made ice cream cream bars to be sold in Chicago alone.

The company was later gained by Mars and changed its name to Dove. Its circulation expanded come various places in the united state in 1985 and also has because remained atop as a loved cacao brand for practically a century.

Dove chocolates are obtainable in different forms that candies, chocolates, cakes, and ice creams. girlfriend can additionally get nuggets through fillings, level candy bars, coatings, and mix-ins Dove chocolates.

You can also find gourmet flavored chocolates. The cacao comes in ranges with peanut butter, almonds, mocha latte, mint swirls, sea salt, and fruits favor cherries, blueberries, and also cranberries.

Are Dove chocolate Good?

When the chance calls because that something rich, with luscious flavor and creaminess, Dove chocolates deserve to hit the sweet spot. Dove chocolate is a tasty cacao bar with terrific flavors and consistency.

The chocolates have actually a silky-smooth finish and also deep, delightful cacao goodness, tastebud-pleasing taste, through an intensity favor no other. It has perfect melt-in-your-mouth and decadent element without gift overpowering.

Dove touts the chocolate bar as being made from the finest quality cocoa. They are then made making use of the typical roasting, grinding, and also mixing methods from the cacao beans to the finished product. You have the right to use Dove chocolates as you would any type of standard baking chocolate. it tempers perfectly, and you can add it come baked items or usage it together a ganache.

Dove dark chocolates are made with cocoa solids and also semi-sweet chocolate, while the promises and silky singles bar save pure dark chocolate only. Milk chocolate is the sweeter version and also contains fewer flavonols and much more sugars.

Moreover, Dove chocolates come in variety of holiday-themed candies, consisting of valentines, easter, and Christmas v squares that are appropriate for sharing. Besides, the lovely messages written on the within of the foil wrapper will certainly brighten your candy jar and your day.

Dove Soap

An American Chemist named Vincent Lamberti created Dove soap. Dove soaps are produced from vegetables oils, artificial surfactants, and salt of pet fats and are obtainable in end 150 nations worldwide.

Dove soap is a mild-moisture-rich soap that have the right to replenish the humidity of her skin. The moisturizing impacts make it perfect cleanser for people with dried or perceptible skin. Besides, the brand cases that the soap doesn’t strip skin the its natural oils and also can help reinforce the safety skin barrier.

The revolutionary product has grown indigenous a moisturizing beauty beauty bar come a worldwide personal treatment brand with assorted products, consisting of hand and body lotions, human body washes, deodorants, facial cleansers, conditioners, shampoos, and hairstyling.


Why Do civilization Think the Dove Soap and Chocolate are From the same Company?

People fall into the difficult-to-get-out misperception about Dove chocolate and Dove soap products. That’s since both commodities have an identical product name.

Besides, the name shows up in quite similar colors and also fonts on both products. Also, the name is spelled and pronounced the exact same way (none has a twisted in it). This has actually made the harder to believe the assets aren’t indigenous the exact same company.

Which Came first – Dove Soap or Dove Chocolate?

Dove soap was established in 1957 in the US, while Dove coco was launched as Dove Candies and Ice Cream in 1939 in Chicago. But, Mars later acquired the agency in 1986. Hence, Dove chocolate came before Dove Soap.

Keep in mind the today, unilater (makers the Dove soap), is headquartered in London, UK, and also Mars (makers of Dove chocolate) is headquartered in Virginia, US.

Why go Chocolate and also Soap usage the very same Name “Dove?”

While it remains unclear why the companies offered the very same name, the is presumed the Dove soap owners determined the name as it can attribute to its soap products, signifying peace and also gentleness. Besides, the word says mildness and has the connotation the harmlessness.

For the cacao brand, the term can be connected to doves, generally used together fancy living decorations and playthings.

Is Galaxy cacao the very same As Dove Chocolate?

Owned by Mars, Dove cacao started being made in the UK as Galaxy in the 1960s. Typically, names are adjusted to appeal to various interests or sensibilities, but over there isn’t any kind of information about this brand surname change.

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Today, Galaxy produces and also sells a wide selection of cakes, ice creams, and also chocolate candy in the UK, center East, Ireland, Malta, Morocco, Pakistan, south Africa, and also India.