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Here are all the areas in the United claims where it"s illegal to kill snakes.

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Many civilization can"t was standing the vision of a snake. Particularly venomous snakes prefer copperheads, timber rattlesnakes, cottonmouths or water moccasins.

Some world say the only good snake is a dead snake, however that line of thinking might get you in a many trouble depending upon the state girlfriend live in.

That"s why we"re going to perform a complete malfunction of what snake varieties are illegal come kill and also where. Keeping this in psychic will aid you protect against an uncomfortable encounter v your local DNR officer.

Federally-protected snakes

For benefits of simplicity top top this list, we"re going to perform every types of snake here in the United claims that is at this time protected under the Endangered types Act the 1973. We acquired this list directly from the U.S. Fish and also Wildlife Service. Unless otherwise noted, every types on this perform is defended everywhere regardless of what state law says around snakes. The list contains both venomous and non-venomous snakes.

Killing any kind of of this snake types can potentially result in fines of $25,000 every violation and also prison time, so you"ll desire to leave these men alone.

We"re likewise listing a few species in U.S. Territories choose Puerto Rico and also the Virgin islands to cover all our bases here.

Mona BoaPuerto Rican BoaNarrow-headed GartersnakeNorthern mexican GartersnakeEastern Massasauga RattlesnakeNew mexico Ridge-Nosed RattlesnakeAtlantic Salt wetland SnakeBlack pine SnakeCopperbelly Water line (Protected in "Indiana phibìc of 40 levels north latitude, Michigan, Ohio")Eastern Indigo SnakeGiant Garter SnakeSan Francisco Garter SnakeAlameda Whipsnake (aka: "Striped Racer")

Like all pit vipers and also rattlesnakes, us recommend just providing these species a broad berth come avoid any kind of trouble. If you have one of this in her yard and also you"re pertained to about, especially if it"s a poisonous species, speak to in a expert to relocate it. Most snake bites take place when human being not trained in snake handling shot to relocate or death one themselves.

You are not permitted to capture, kill, offer or trade any type of of the following types in Alabama: east Indigo, east King, east Coral, Gulf Salt Marsh, Prairie King, Rainbow, Speckled King or southern Hognose snake.

Other than those species, there space no regulations protecting various other species. And also of those protected species, the only one girlfriend really should worry around is the eastern Coral, i beg your pardon is a awful species.


Technically, Alaska Fish and Game"s website lists four varieties of sea turtle as being the just reptiles in the critical Frontier. Some civilization say there are typical garter snake here, however it seems to be a topic of lot debate.

In any kind of case there room no regulations on killing snakes in Alaska. Back we should mention, there space laws around illegally delivering snakes come Alaska, as a firefighter discovered out three years ago when the tried to bring five garter snakes residence from Idaho together pets. He came to be hit through a $500 fine.


Many human being get in trouble in Arizona not realizing there space some complicated regulations here. The doesn"t assist that this information is tough to uncover on the Arizona Game and Fish website. In an effort to let them execute the talking, we"ll connect to the here.

To placed it briefly, it"s illegal to kill a mexico gartersnake, narrow-headed gartersnake, rock rattlesnake, twin-spotted rattlesnake, Massasauga rattlesnake and ridge-nosed rattlesnake in Arizona. You additionally can"t kill a milksnake in Cochise County. If you execute want to death a rattlesnake, make sure you have actually an suitable hunting license because Arizona treats numerous snakes like video game animals.

Also, make sure you determine the species an initial to make sure it"s not a protected one.

Is that illegal to kill snakes in Arkansas?

Some Arkansas residents might be surprised to learn that all snakes are safeguarded in the herbal State. Now, several of you are more than likely saying: "Hey, wait a minute, what about that gigantic rattlesnake eliminated there a few years ago?"

Well, there is one exception to the law, and that"s because that snakes the "pose reasonable threat or endangerment to persons or property." We"re not legal experts, therefore we"ll leaving it as much as you and local law enforcement to recognize if your instance fits this definition.


This one is a little bit surprising. We"d expect the laws to be strictly in the golden State, however if anything, they"re some of the many lenient in the U.S.

Anyone deserve to kill a rattlesnake at any time in California, v one exception: the intimidated red diamond rattlesnake. There is part confusion here in the regulations. Mostly because California considers snakes game pets but put its reptile regulations under the fishing regulations (for some odd reason). You"ll need a fishing patent to legally take them.

There space some particular bag limits and other constraints on precisely which species you deserve to harvest, and it varies from ar to county. Read much more in your regulations book, specifically section 5.60. Oh, and also don"t forget about federally defended species, because there are a few here.

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Is it illegal to kill snakes in Colorado?


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