When it pertains to greasy hair, a nice lather, rinse, repeat through your day-to-day shampoo usually does the cheat of restoring them come squeaky-cleanliness. Yet for those rarely times when your hair continues to be greasy (even ~ you"ve to wash it), deserve to you use dish soap to get rid of the stubborn slickness?

It all started after ns took a weekend vacation. When I came down on the small boutique hotel i was staying at, i was shocked to uncover that it didn"t supply me with any kind of shampoo or conditioner. Seriously, what hotel doesn"t give you also a little sample-sized bottle of shampoo this days? and let me state that this wasn"t a cheap hotel, one of two people (chintzy bastards). Ns didn"t think much of it in ~ the time, as I had actually washed my hair that morning. If ns was lucky, I might rock dirty hair for another two days prior to heading home. That meant curling my hair the second day and also wearing it up in a bun on the third. No problem, I can do this.

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Except the by the moment the weekend was over, my hair to be crying out for a wash. Normally, going two days without would certainly be fine, however this details weekend to be filled v walking in humidity, soaking for hours in a hot tub, and also sweating, sweating, sweating. Ns didn"t establish that v all the product and sweat structure up in my hair, it was becoming a hot greasy mess.


When i arrived home, ns couldn"t gain into the shower fast enough to remove the greasy-ass catastrophe the was acquisition over mine head. I sighed through relief together I lathered my locks with my usual shampoo, thinking that the was the finish of it. However when I finally got the end of the shower and dried mine hair, it was still incredibly greasy about the crown of my head.

I have to admit that this has never happened to me before. Mine hair is always clean after i shampoo it. Come my extensive annoyance, i figured i didn"t rinse the end the shampoo well enough, and decided to to wash my hair a 2nd time. I was very thorough, psychic you. However to my pure horror, after i finished dry my hair, the overabundance oil simply wasn"t budging.

Completely confused (not to mention frustrated together hell), ns wondered if possibly it to be my shampoo the was unexpectedly the problem. I chose to head over to the store, choose up a different shampoo, and try the entirety lather, rinse, repeat thing anywhere again. And also what perform you know, the greasiness remained.

It was at this moment that I decided to rotate to the web for help. Surely, someone rather had also angered the hair gods and also had a systems to break this dreaded curse? together it transforms out, ns was right. The internet was full of other women who hair remained greasy also after shampooing. And the best method of activity seemed to it is in to to wash one"s hair v dish soap.


Considering that dish soap is supplied to get rid of "tough grease," this seemed a rather simple solution. Yet would it really work? I chose at this allude that I had actually nothing come lose. I decided a green-friendly food soap (the much less chemicals the better, as far as I"m concerned), carried it right into the shower, and also went come town. Since dish soap is a lot harsher 보다 shampoo when it pertains to "stripping" your hair, ns made sure to concentrate it on mine scalp and avoid washing my drier / an ext sensitive ends.

After i finished shampooing, i could already feel the difference in my hair — that was incredibly squeaky once wet, and also felt a lot "lighter" on my scalp. Ns finished off by placing an intense conditioner ~ above the ends (to save them from the super-strength the the food soap), climate gently towel-dried mine hair prior to blow-drying it.

It was the moment of truth. When I finished drying my hair, ns ran mine hand end my scalp and also through the roots. Pre-dish-soap, my hand would capture in mine hair, and also my fingers would be sightly spanned with one oily substance. But this time, to my absolute delight and also relief, mine hair felt light, soft, and, many importantly, clean. The food soap technique worked.


Although washing my hair through dish soap made that gorgeously clean, the isn"t miscellaneous I would recommend you carry out often. It can be rather harsh on your hair, and also you desire to make certain you store a suitable balance as soon as it concerns your head"s organic oils (something the dish soap clears completely).

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However, if you ever happen to develop greasy hair that just won"t wash out v your consistent shampoo, like I did, ns would extremely recommend you walk the dish soap route. It"s a brilliant tiny hair hack, and one ns will automatically resort come again in the future, need to the grease demon behind its ugly head as soon as again. Currently if you"ll pardon me, I have actually some fabulous hair flipping to do.

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