Kix Brooks hoax that fifty percent the documents he and singing companion Ronnie Dunn sold as Brooks & Dunn were due to the fact that someone wanting a Garth Brooks album reached right into the not correct 'Brooks' section at the sleeve store. It may be closer to the fact that the two might be long-lost cousins, together they room steeped in the same love for country music and also a give-it-all attitude on stage.

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Garth recalls the first time he heard the name Kix Brooks. "I was signed to Capitol documents in 1987 and was quickly told that I had actually to pick a new name. It seems that castle had an additional artist on their label named Kix Brooks, and they didn't desire anyone to it is in confused about our names.

"I spent the next six months driving through Arkansas and Kansas make the efforts to figure out what my new name would be," Garth continues. "As the turned out, Kix's record resolve them didn't work out for some reason and also I got to store my name. I was happy around that, however I'm also happier this day to understand that Kix's calling would be to join up through a singing partner and totally reshape and also redefine the hatchet 'duet' for years come come."

Kix remembers Bob Doyle, who came to be Garth's manager, additionally being important in his early career. "It was Bob who discovered me play at the Bluebird Cafe and got me my very first publishing deal," the says. "It was sometime later that he called me and also said he had this young artist that he was working with called Garth Brooks. The joked the we could be cousins, and also he want to recognize if he could bring him the end to the house and also introduce us."

Congenial together always, Kix said Bob to which out. "We were in the middle of playing horseshoes and also cooking hotdogs. For this reason they came out come the house, which was a really modest 1,700 square feet home. There to be this little quarry hill behind the house, and after we had played horseshoes for awhile, Garth and I crawled increase there and also were talking and looking under at mine spread. Ns remember him going, 'This is awesome. Ns don't guess I"ll ever have a ar like this.'

"I to be like, 'Come top top Garth, you're writing good songs; you song good. Cave in over there pal.'"

Kix pauses because that a moment, then grins. "Damn, I'm glad ns was nice to him!!! <laughs> 3 years later, right here comes GarthZilla v the country Music Jungle."

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Garth was just announced together the newest inductee into the nation Music hall of Fame, together with Grand Ole Opry star Connie Smith and also famed session musician Hargus 'Pig' Robbins. Kix is enjoy it his brand-new solo career through his first single, 'New to This Town.'

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