What carry out Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, One Direction and also Suwanee Resident, Matthew Morris aka MattyB have actually in common? Answer – they have each earn a point out on Billboard’s 2013 top 21 under 21 List. So, how specifically does one 11-year-old rapper indigenous Suwanee, Georgia garner the fist of Billboard Magazine, entertain Tonight, NBC’s this particular day Show, Dr. Phil and Extra?

Well, I had the opportunity to record up through MattyB right prior to recording his next music video clip to uncover out….

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As i pulled as much as the Morris home, i noticed castle resembled a usual Suwanee family with 5 kids: toys were strewn roughly the backyard, teenagers were grabbing snacks out of the fridge, his little sister was having a “play date” v a friend in her room, and Mom & Dad, Blake and also Tawny Morris, were maintaining it every together.

“Matt, did girlfriend clean the dust under your nails for the picture shoot?” his mom asked as I witnessed the 4’ 6”, 11-year- old young come running under the stairs attract his signature “MattyB” hat and also white Nike waiting Jordans. “Sorry,” she turned come me, “he was just playing outside prior to you gained here”. I introduced myself, shook MattyB’s hand, and also noticed, yes, his nails were clean.

“Hey, MattyB, quite to satisfy you! What to be you law outside?”, ns asked. “I to be skateboarding,” that replied. But, once MattyB isn’t in school, hanging out through friends, skateboarding, playing baseball or airsoft, he is rapping and also creating songs and also videos that have generated virtually 1 billion see on YouTube and a merged 7.7 million followers on social media!

MattyB characteristics much the his success to 2 things: his cousin/producer, Marshall Manning and YouTube.

MattyB & his cousin, Marshall Manning

MattyB’s cousin, Marshall Manning aka Mars, is a rapper himself and made it to “Hollywood Week” that American Idol in 2010. Once Mars mom passed away, he relocated in through his Aunt and also Uncle (Blake and also Tawny Morris). At that point, MattyB was 6 years old and just started acquiring into music and dance. That loved having his enlarge cousin around the house and considers him a function model.

MattyB said, “I kept complying with Mars around and watching the rap…I begged him to assist me do a YouTube video and the said, “If we’re gonna execute this we’re gonna carry out it right.” that is when they do the Justin Bieber sheathe of ‘Eenie Meenie’ i m sorry generated virtually a million views in one week. MattyB’s father, Blake Morris told Mars, “I think we have something here – this is no normal!” At the point, Mars determined to lay down his dreams in bespeak to aid his young cousin, and the family members knew they to be in because that a wild ride!

Morris said, “YouTube has detailed a platform because that Matt to enable fans to uncover his music together he discovers it in ~ an organic level, for this reason they are a component of his continuous success. It allows him come mobilize lock to involved his concerts, come share his concerts and to give fans an thorough look right into his life.” MattyB desires to be reachable come his fans and he wants them to be able to relate to him on a an individual level.

Behind the scenes, filming MattyB’s cover of “The well known B.I.G – “Juicy”

While plenty of artists space trying to fit the pop-star mold, MattyB is just trying to it is in himself. He works v Mars come recreate famous hip-hop singles v G-rated lyrics, and also co-write original pieces. Back MattyB’s very first video to be a Justin Bieber covering (produced once he was just seven year old), that does not prefer being called a “Mini-Bieber” as numerous have dubbed him in the past. “I favor Eminem,” the said, “but just the clean execution of his songs.” MattyB said, “when I an initial started i wasn’t even enabled to hear to laboratory music and didn’t really recognize who i liked…I liked my cousin Mars!”

It is unpreventable that MattyB will continue to grow and succeed together an entertainer. But, as soon as asked if the family would relocate, i heard a resounding, “No!” They have actually moved approximately the subway Atlanta area a few times, but have grown really fond the Suwanee end the past pair of years. “I love Suwanee!’ MattyB said. “I was shooting music videos in the (Town Center) park prior to we also lived here!” Actually, Blake Morris confided, that part of the reason they relocated to Suwanee from a bordering city was to be closer to the park and in such a family-friendly area.

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And, MattyB loves performing about Atlanta. Back by popular demand, he is kicking off his “MattyBLive Summer 2014” concert tour with a hometown display in the Sidney Marcus Auditorium in ~ the Georgia world Congress center on Saturday, June 14th. For the remainder the the summer he will certainly be performing headline shows throughout the US, in major cities, in California, Washington D.C., new Jersey, phibìc Carolina and Illinois. When MattyB very first went on tour he offered out two back-to-back headline mirrors at new York City’s Gramercy Theatre and other noteworthy locations. He’s excited to get ago out ~ above the road and also see his fans, who are affectionately called “Bgirls and also Bboys”. “My fans room the best!” MattyB said, “they really assistance me and if there are any type of haters they ago me up…plus they get crazy at every the concerts, i beg your pardon is fun! I also autographed a shoes one time!”

Recently, MattyB walk a concert in St. Petersburg, Florida and also he explained the chaotic fan scene together “awesome”. He said, “people were crying and shaking and this to be 2.5 hrs after i finished mine show and the “meet & greet” session…they to be waiting outside for me!”

MattyB might have plenty of adoring fans, but his classmates at school aren’t have to like other Bboys and also Bgirls. When they absolutely support your peer, lock treat the the very same as everyone else, “I’ve grown up through them since kindergarten…we mess v each other and they still beat me and also stuff (jokingly the course!), he said. Already receiving marital relationship proposals from crazed Bgirls, MattyB is tied to be a heartbreaker! But, in ~ 11 years old, the cares more about hanging out through family and also friends and going to the ice skating park 보다 he does about female attention! Mars regularly “encourages him” to obtain work done through promised trips to the skate park. In fact, together we to be shooting our cover photo, i told him the we would certainly take a couple photos in the backyard and also he could bring his skateboard. His eye lit up and he was an extremely excited to present us his tricks.

“Dad, girlfriend missed it! go you check out it? I just ollied on my skateboard!” MattyB excitedly announced.

MattyB v his parents, Blake & Tawny Morris

A most young stars have actually lost a feeling of their ethical compass and the Morris household is fighting to defend MattyB native that. Blake said that they room trying to preserve a feeling of normalcy by maintaining him in school and also organized sports as long as possible. “He still has actually to shot out for the college talent show just like everybody else…and he could not even make it into the show,” Blake explained. “For us, it is essential to not release the government (to the to chat industry) that we have actually been offered as parents. It is our job to teach him and instill values in him while he is in the maturing process and if we deserve to hold top top that, then points will revolve out great.”