The 10 best Hockey movies (According to IMDb) What room the finest hockey movies of every time? these 10 movies are the gold standard according come the scores on IMDb.

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watching the nationwide Hockey League games is a favorite pastime of many people. However, once their favourite teams space not play or the organization is in that offseason, the can feel daunting to acquire their re-publishing of ice cream hockey content.

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Fortunately, there"s no shortage of an excellent hockey movie to watch, numerous of which are currently obtainable to stream. Even if it is you"re partial to goals or fights, the Olympics or pee-wees, old school or new, if you"re a hockey fan, there"s a perfect movie because that you and, follow to IMDb, these are the 10 best.

Updated ~ above October 27th, 2021, by Jake Koran: The NHL is ago in complete swing, and also though the playoffs room a long means off, teams room fighting with whatever they have to work their method to the Stanley Cup Finals. The finest hockey movies space a good way for fans to connect with the sport, also when their favorite team is no playing. Hockey movie are full of inspiring stories, and also the best ones space sure to get viewers in the heart to assistance their teams!

Two players from Les boys II giving a fist bump
A sequel come a 1997 film, Les boys II attributes much that the same actors from the original. In this movie, the hockey team travels to France to contend in a tournament, and also antics naturally ensue. The movie presents lot of of hilarious moments that stem mostly from the team members" immaturity, and the range of individualities keeps the movie interesting.

Though it is mainly a comedy, Les boys II is additionally a good hockey movie, and also the sports sequences are likewise well done and fun come watch.

The Mighty Ducks
A movie that introduced most that the millennial generation come the sport of ice hockey, Disney"s The Mighty Ducks stars Emilio Estevez (The Breakfast Clubas Gordon Bombay, a self-centered Minnesota lawyer sentenced come community business in the type of coaching a youth hockey team after he"s arrested for drunk driving.

In addition to providing beforehand roles for stars favor Joshua Jackson, Marguerite Moreau, and also Elden Henson, the movie spawned 2 sequels (all currently streaming top top HBO), an man series, and an NHL expansion team based the end of Anaheim. The film attributes the failure Bombay farming to care for these children, and the love behind The Mighty Ducks is part of what renders it one of the best sports movie for youngsters to enjoy, as well as adults.

The football player of Les guys look on in shock
Les Boys came out in 1997 and follows one amateur hockey team and the males who play on it. The aging players room often exceptionally immature, i beg your pardon is component of what contributes come the comedy that this film. Over there is a variety of subplots involving the players and also their childish antics.

The movie features some feeling that would be frowned upon today, but other aspects of it have a many heart, making it a classic amongst many pan twenty-four years later. Part would also rank it amongst some the the more popular however still hilarious sports comedies.

7 Mystery, Alaska (1999) - 6.7

no the Alaskan-set noir story the title might suggest, Mystery, Alaska complies with an amateur hockey team in Mystery, a small fictional Alaskan town obsessed v their weekly pond hockey game played by local citizens every Saturday.

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The town gets over-excited once their team is provided the possibility of a lifetime after being chosen come play a televised exhibition game versus the NHL"s new York Rangers, forcing the city sheriff and team veteran john Biebe (Russell Crowe) come re-evaluate even if it is he is tho fit come lace up his skates, or if it is time to cave them up and also relegate self to coaching.

one enforcer-focused hockey movie, Goon tells the inappropriately comedic story of Doug Glatt (Seann wilhelm Scott), an unintelligent yet kind-hearted bar bouncer indigenous a brainy family. He attends a minor-league hockey game where he quickly wins a fight against a player ~ above the opposing team that angrily stormed into the crowd.

Despite having practically no skating or hockey experience, Doug is asked by the local team"s coach (Kim Coates) to sign up with the team after ~ the fight, together they"re in dire need of an enforcer to protect their talented yet troubled young star (Marc-Andre Grondin). The comedy is entertaining and also funny, however it also clearly has a many passion behind it, i m sorry contributes to the love of the film.

5 Slap shooting (1977) - 7.3

considered one that the finest comedy movie from the "70s, Slap Shot is a classic. It follows the Charlestown Chiefs, a fictitious minor-league hockey team led by player-coach Reggie Dunlop (Paul Newman). As soon as Dunlop discovers the his underperforming team is collection to disband in ~ the end of the season, that unleashes a brand-new weapon top top the league: the Hanson Brothers.

The brothers wreak destruction on the league with their dirty and also violent layout of play, leading the Chiefs come realize that if they can not beat teams on the scoreboard, castle can still win the crap the end of lock on the ice. Newman tho calls Slap Shot among his all-time favorite movies come make, but don"t suppose the hoax to be politically correct.

A darling of movie festivals throughout Canada, Indian Horse explores disturbing issues that other hockey movie dare not touch. The story adheres to the life the Saul, a young native Canadian boy cultivation up in the corrupt, racist, and also abusive Canadian Indian residential institution system.

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Throughout his life, Saul transaction with soul-crushing racism and abuse. As he battles with life-threatening alcoholism, Saul doesn"t permit the hardships that endures store him from ending up being a good hockey player or finding meaning and also happiness amidst the serious circumstances.

3 miracle (2004) - 7.5

Miracle tells the true story the a team the ragtag American university hockey players who took ~ above a greatly favored Soviet Union team at the height of the Cold battle in the 1980 Olympics in what"s considered the biggest upset and also most important game in American hockey history.

The story of team coach Herb Brooks (Kurt Russell), that you"ll be quoting because that weeks, is enough to inspire anyone who"s ever been rejected. Brooks to be the last player cut from the 1960 U.S. Team, the only American team to ever win gold, yet he hosted onto his dream because that 20 years before that finally accomplished it together head coach. The story is so inspiring that it has actually been covered several times, also being adapted into among the best HBO sporting activities documentaries.

A Russian movie that never took pleasure in a north American release, many readers most likely haven"t heard of or seen Legend No. 17. Garnering several prestigious Russian film awards, the story follows the life and also career of Valeri Kharlamov (Danila Kozlovsky), among the biggest players in Soviet hockey history.

Although Kharlamov was considered tiny for a professional player, he comprised for his absence of size with superior speed, intelligence, creativity, and stick skills, earning him two Soviet league MVP awards and two championships with CSKA Moscow. Kharlamov also won his country Olympic yellow medals in "72 and "76 and played ~ above the 1980 Olympic team.

1 The Rocket (2005) - 7.6

A true story based on the job of Maurice "The Rocket" Richard, this biopic mirrors the struggles the hockey player had to go through to increase to the status he did. Playing for the Montreal Canadiens, Richard believed, along with many others, the French Canadian hockey players were no treated as well as English Canadian players.

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The mistreatment led to extensive problem with the NHL president. The film is a fascinating look into the life of among the most renowned hockey players in background and the impact he had on the game.