Auto insurance prices seem to save going up! room you aware that by acquisition a protective driving course, your insurance transport may lower your premium? In some states, taking one of these courses might even aid you eliminate points from your driving record.

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A protective driving food can assist you conserve your time, money, and also the resides of others by avoiding bad control habits and also understanding the you cannot manage everything ~ above the road. All vehicle drivers should take a protective driving course as soon as every couple of years. If no for the discounted insurance premium, at the very least to remain mindful of lifesaving driving techniques.

With your vehicle and also driving safety in mind, Autobahn Performance gathered the following defensive driving tips, unsafe behaviors, and answers to help you become a far better driver.

Defensive steering Definition

Defensive steering is: steering to conserve lives, your time, and also money regardless of the road, weather conditions, and also the plot of other drivers.

What room Unsafe driving Behaviors?

Driving behaviors that result in, YOU, being in less manage of yourself and your car are considered unsafe steering habits. The following are some of the many unsafe steering behaviors:

1 — wrong Speed — Driving in ~ the improper rate is the number one behavior that contributes come tickets and accidents. In a recent year, speeding contributed to almost 30% of all collision deaths.

Improper speed have the right to be identified as driving too rapid for road or weather conditions, as well as driving in overfill of the posted rate limit.

2 — Violating Right-of-Way — the is important to recognize that NO ONE has the right-of-way. Website traffic regulations only mandate who should YIELD the ideal of way.

In a case where a driver is compelled to productivity the right-of-way however fails to execute so, it i do not care your responsibility to protect against or productivity as vital for safety.

Note: more than fifty percent of all collisions happen at intersections. Likewise, rural intersections can existing just as lot danger as those in an city setting.

3 — following Too Closely — generally known together tailgating, is considered aggressive driving and is a ticketable offense.



The danger of a collision is enhanced by tailgating because: the distance essential to protect against your vehicle is dependent on the speed you space traveling, the problem of the driver, the vehicle, and also the road.

Use what is well-known as the three-second ascendancy to give yourself the proper time to see hazards, react to them, and also stop, slow down, or revolve to avoid a collision.

4 — pass Improperly — once passing another vehicle, there room risky actions that must be avoided. Several of these habits include:

Accelerating beyond the rate limit come pass.Cutting off another driver.Passing in no-passing zones (lane or roadway v a solid heat (white or yellow), college zones, college buses when stopped and also signaling the boarding or discharging the students, railroad crossings, bridges, tunnels, posted no happen zone)Weaving in and out of traffic.Passing once there is not enough time or an are to do so.


Passing improperly is really dangerous, violates the law, and also could an outcome in a deadly head-on collision. Defend yourself and also other chauffeurs by no doing this.

5 — transforming Improperly — make improper turns is another contributing aspect to collisions and also violations. Wrong turns occur when:

You revolve from the not correct lane.You turn into the wrong lane.You do a U-turn indigenous a lane not designated together such.

Making safe and also legal turns is as an easy as:

Entering the correct rotate lane in development of the plan turn.Using your revolve signal to present your will to turn.Turn right into the appropriate lane.

Note: the is a ticketable violation to change lanes or rotate without using your turn signals.

Seatbelt usage — the the Law

Wearing her seatbelt every time you operate a car is one of the most essential safety instrument you have the right to employ. Seatbelts will rise your possibilities of surviving a collision by:

Preventing ejection from the vehicle.Keeping passenger from flying about inside the vehicle.Keeping the driver in the driver’s seat whereby he or she deserve to maintain or attempt to regain regulate of the vehicle.

Follow the connect to uncover out the seatbelt regulation where you live.

Hands-Free Systems and also Distracted Driving

Nearly everyone has a cell phone. Utilizing or manipulating the phone while driving takes your fist from the road, and also many claims are currently responding v strict usage laws.

While the use of a hands-free mechanism may show up to be safer, it is not. The usage of her phone in her hand, with voice commands, or other hands-free approaches while operation a auto are all equally unsafe, together they mitigate one’s cognitive awareness to the road.

Follow the attach to discover out the mobile usage and also text if driving regulation where you live.

How walk One come to be A great Defensive Driver?

From the time you start using defensive driving techniques and avoid unsafe driving behaviors, your security is currently improving. Together with any skill set, the more you know and the much more you practice, the much better you will certainly be.

It is essential to remain aware of the following protective driving actions every time you acquire behind the wheel:

Decisions — Every control decision girlfriend make must be legal and safe.

Personal Space — Your an individual driving room in and also around your vehicle should be maintained safe and stress-free.

Arrive Safely — with your destination safely without a ticket or collision, and without affecting the security of various other drivers.

Share the Road — constantly use common sense, cooperation, and be courteous.

Pay Attention — identify in yourself and also other drivers, the risks of hazardous control behaviors and also conditions.

Improving Driving an abilities and Awareness

The tips above are to plan to help you in knowledge what it means to it is in a protective driver and reduce the hazard of a collision or getting a ticket.

In this article, we have characterized some unsafe driving habits, questioned how to properly change lanes, the risks of cell phone use, and simple measures to be a defensive driver.

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The much more you learn and practice great driving habits, the much better driver you will certainly become. The much better driver girlfriend are, the much less likely you will certainly be to receive a website traffic violation or be associated in one accident.


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