Jackie Gleason, star that The Honeymooners, passed away on June 24, 1987. Exactly how much to be Gleason precious at the time of his death? here’s a look in ~ the actor’s life, career, and net worth.

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Jackie Gleason top top ‘The Honeymooners’


Audrey Meadows and also Jackie Gleason rehearsing because that an illustration of The Honeymooners. | Leonard Mccombe/The LIFE pictures Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images

Gleason play the function of Ralph Kramden, a bus driver. His character was married to Alice Kramden, played by the so late Audrey Meadows. The series, created by Gleason, was based on a comedy map out of the exact same name.

Jim Bishop, author of The gold Ham: A Candid biography of Jackie Gleason, states there was more than one Jackie Gleason. Follow to him, Gleason had plenty of layers to his personality. There to be “Gleason the comedian.” However, Bishop claims there was also “Gleason the major actor” and also “Gleason the producer and also Gleason the writer.” He describes him as a talented entertainer.

Jackie Gleason’s movies and also TV shows

Gleason do his movie debut in the 1941 movie Navy Blues, in i m sorry he played the role of Tubby. The following year, he appeared in the movie All through the Night. Gleason landing a role as a cast regular in the collection The Life of Riley in 1949. He play the personality Chester Riley till 1959.

Gleason is additionally known for his appearances in The Jackie Gleason Show, The Red Skelton Hour, Here’s Lucy, and Smokey and also the Bandit. Gleason do his last acting appearance together the character Max Basner in the 1986 movie Nothing in Common.

Jackie Gleason’s work outside of acting

Although Gleason was known for his exhilaration talent, he worked in other areas of the to chat industry. The Honeymooners star likewise had credits as a producer, director, manufacturing manager, writer, and composer.

Gleason make his directorial debut in 1976 v a Honeymooners TV special. In 1988, he served as a supervising producer ~ above the collection Gleason: he’s the Greatest. The show ran for 26 episodes. Gleason’s writing credits encompass The Colgate Comedy Hour, Cavalcade that Stars, and also The Honeymooners.

His method to work

Bishop says Gleason took time to perfect his craft as an actor. He would certainly read and study as lot as he could. According to him, Gleason had actually the timing and grace the Charlie Chaplin. Although he to be serious about his work, Bishop says Gleason go not become immersed in his characters. He made sure to produce some distance in between himself and the function he to be playing.

Bishop recalled the time Gleason walked over to speak to a stagehand after among his scenes. The told the stagehand the while he was performing he had actually been thinking about a discussion they had actually earlier.

Highest-grossing films

Gleason’s highest-grossing film to be the 1977 movie Smokey and the Bandit, through $126.7 million in worldwide box office earnings. His various other high-grossing films encompass Smokey and the Bandit II, with more than $66 million in global box office earnings, and The Toy, with an ext than $47 million in worldwide box office earnings.

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Jackie Gleason’s network worth

At the moment of his death, Gleason to be worth $10 million, follow to Celebrity network Worth estimates.