Jan Shutan is one American actress. She should be much more popular to world who were TV watchers in the ’60s and ’70s, as numerous of she works loss within this time frame. Jan was born on November 5, 1932, in the City of Los Angeles, and was elevated in the residence of Hollywood, Beverly Hills. She had acquired her high institution diploma at Beverly Hills High School and also was elevated in affluence through her wealthy parents. This aided her obtain a an excellent foot front of plenty of others in her exhilaration career, however the actress still had to hustle for acting gigs.

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Her career took turn off in 1963 and also nothing has actually been heard native her since 1981 when she played Helen in a TV movie titled This house Possessed. While it has actually become evident that she is retired, her whereabouts has actually been rather a mystery.

Profile summary of Mira Romaine on Star Trek

Full Name: Jan ShutanPlace the Birth: Los Angeles, CaliforniaDate that Birth: November 5, 1932Age: 88 years OldOccupation: ActressYears Active: 1963 – 1981Nationality: AmericanNo. The Kids: Two (Anne Shutan and Peter Henry Shutan)

Jan Shutan Is 88 years Old and Currently resides In Beverly Hills

Jan Shutan’s acting debut was in an episode of Arrest and Trial, a 1963 tv series. Most of her functions were television collection and a couple of of them, brief films. Several of her works incorporate Ben Casey (1963- 1966), Barnaby (1965), Dick Tracy (1967, quick film), Room 222 (1969- 1970), The 7 Minutes (1971), article to my Daughter (1973), Dracula’s Dog (1978 fear film), and Mother, Juggs & speed (1978).

In 1969, Jan showed up in the Gene Roddenberry Sci-Fi TV series, Star Trek: The original Series. She play the role of sublievenant Mira Romaine, a Starfleet sciences department specialist that the 23rd century. She also played a minor function in Sons and Daughters, a 1974 television collection that aired for a brief while top top CBS. In 1981, she appeared in a TV film titled This residence Possessed and also took a back sit in the market after that.

Jan Shutan was brought up by her parents in Beverly Hills. After her plenty of years in the movie industry, jan retired but continues to reside in Beverly Hills. On the occasion of Beverly Hills’ 100th year anniversary, her daughter anne Shutan and her husband Scott MacInnis spent the day having actually fun with Jan and also her late husband, David Levinson.

The Star Trek Actress to be Married to Robert H. Shutan and David Levinson 

Jan Shutan to be a really beautiful woman in she prime and also she caught the eyes of countless men. Two males were happy to contact her their wives: Robert H. Shutan and also David Levinson.

Meet Robert H. Shutan, january Shutan’s an initial Husband

Robert H. Shutan to be born on may 12, 1918. That was about 14 years older than Jan yet this was no hindrance to Cupid’s arrow. Robert and also Jan got married yet sadly, the couple’s love didn’t last forever or till fatality did castle path; the hit the rocks at some point in the ’70s. And they both found love elsewhere.

Robert acquired married to a woman called Georgia Franklin-Shutan, who was a lawyer; she is currently an inactive member of the Colorado Bar. While Jan gained married come David Levinson.

What Robert Shutan Did for a Living

Robert Shutan to be born in Chicago, Illinois to Arthur Joe Shutan and also May Flower Shutan. That attended the Hyde Park High college in Chicago then acquired a degree from The university of California, Los Angeles in 1939. 3 years later, in 1942, he graduated from Boalt Hall, Berkeley, with a J.D. And also was ultimately admitted into the Californian Bar.

Rather 보다 go straight to law practice, Robert reported for training through the Navy. This was a war period and he want to offer his country. He served on the deck of the USS Dempsey together a deck officer, in mainly antisubmarine war in the south and main Pacific.

At the end of the war, Robert went ago to practicing law, with a specialty in bankruptcy and also corporate reorganization. That co-founded the Shutan & Throat legislation firm along with a colleague in ~ law. In 1980, the for sure consolidated through a larger firm, Sidley and also Austin, to end up being its Los Angeles office and also by therefore doing, Shutan and Throat extended their limit of practice.

Robert retirement from energetic law practice at period 72, in 1990. He passed away 18 year later, in 2008, and a memorial service was held in his honor on November 9, 2008.

The Actress Remarried In 1980, to David Levinson

David Levinson, jan Shutan’s 2nd husband

Jan Shutan got married to David Levinson ~ above December 24, 1980. They met top top the collection of Sons and Daughters. David revealed in an interview that he had uncovered her attractive native the get-go yet stayed off due to the fact that she to be married. At the time, he had actually just recently acquired separated native his wife, sometime around July or august in 1973/4. Regrettably for Jan and also yet, fortunately for David, Jan acquired separated from she husband while on set.

David go in on she looking sad end the separation and also immediately that learned the the reason for her sadness, that stepped best to his game and asked she out. The couple fell in love and also became things in 1974. Jan however didn’t adjust her surname again; she had changed her maiden name to the of her first husband, Robert Shutan.

The pair didn’t have any children together, however each had offspring from your previous marriages.

Jan and also David Levinson continued to be Married until He passed In November 2019

David Levinson was an American Producer and also Writer. He was born on august 4, 1939, and brought up in Chicago, Illinois. At age 23, Levinson left his family to pursue a job in television in Los Angeles.

David’s career covered a full of fifty-five years, throughout which he operated on numerous hit movies. His notable works encompass Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) and Nikita (2010). David to be a receiver of an Emmy Award because that his fantastic production of The bolder Ones: The Senator.

Jan Shutan’s 2nd husband, David Levinson, happen on the fourth of November 2019, at period 80. His family members announced his obituary in the Los Angeles Times and also asked well-wishers to donate to any cancer charity of choice in lieu of sending flowers to them. A memorial company was held in his honor on November 8, 2019, in Los Angeles.

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Jan Shutan had actually a kid ( Peter Henry Shutan) and also a Daughter (Anne Shutan) native Her first Marriage

Yes, january Shutan has actually two children, through her first husband Robert H. Shutan. Your names are Anne Shutan and Peter Henry Shutan. Conversely, Jan prospered up v a enthusiasm for acting and entertaining, her children never had actually such ambitions.