Jason Presson and also I thrived up with each other in north Hollywood. We live a couple blocks from each various other as kids while us were both auditioning for parts in movies and TV shows throughout the 80’s. We’ve to be friends now for end 20 years. Jason heard I was in town and also showed up in ~ my Dad’s home on Saturday night. We ended up going down to Hollywood Boulevard with Mary and also Greg to cave out and walk around.

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Jason Presson ~ above Hollywood Boulevard (Hollywood, California)

That male to me will always be a Legend!I flourished up city hall Explorers and also the Lady in White is a film my mother and I both share as a an individual favorite between the 2 of us!I wish points would have functioned out much better for his career,I feeling he deserved it!Well from below until my finish his character as well as the others in the exorbitant EXPLORERS will stay something one-of-a-kind to me(his was among my favs due to the fact that he to be the take no crap kid and kinda secret one)!Thank friend Jason Presson for such an awesome performance!Take careGod Bless!

What happened to his career?? You would certainly think the being alongside gibbs such together River Pheonix and also Ethan Hawke that he would have had actually tons of work for the screen…What component did that play in Gremlins 2???

Yaaaaa!!!! glad to watch an update, a few friends and I watched Explorers the various other night. Hadn’t viewed it in years and it to be a many fun.

Well i am glad he is quiet alive. It has actually been depressing learning that some of my favorite child stars died seemingly by their very own hand. Not certain why i did not recognize this yet I never really pried much into actors resides until newly when NetFlix gave me ago all the old shows. Ns wish who would do an updated Explorers for the present generation. Don’t have actually to change story or the characters, simply update the look, modern technology and do the aliens a lot much less Jim Henson like. The was the only component that disappointed me around the relocate was the aliens. Glad we saw them late otherwise it could have damaged the entirety thing.

It is good to understand that he is ok… He was right, I average he is right what that says around that business…I have just watched Explorers again together a tiny girl.And i am happy come hear that he is a great friend. You room lucky…

Loves,From the various other side of the world..

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I LOVE Jason Presson!!!

That’s quite cool the you recognize him, but what suck is that he was never ever as renowned as the gibbs he functioned with. You claimed that the is really intelligent and sensitive, and also you can certainly tell the by his performances. Why did he always look so sad and also depressed though? I always wondered that, but maybe it was simply his character. Execute you know exactly how to call him? If that does not desire fans bothering the (I know I would certainly not) then that is fine, simply wondering.