IT"S the center of respectable in port Isaac in Cornwall and also intypical brothers fashion it"s a rainy and windswept day. Together a result, the cast and crew the the new series the Doc boy name havebeen required inside a huge barn top top a local farm to film interior scenes. What look at like any other barn indigenous the outside actually hold allthe interiors because that Doc Martin, native the doctor"s office to hisliving room. The entirety of the eternally grumpy Doc"s interior worldis under one stole roof. Boy name Clunes, who plays the Doc in the hugely popular series -which attracted about nine million viewers every week during its firstrun - is in good spirits, in spite of the weather. "This display is so nice to work on," states the 43-year-old,sitting in his character"s office. "It"s very differentfrom filming in London - in London life simply goes on approximately you whenyou"re filming. But here we have Doc young name tourists who come andsee us, and then there space normal tourists who fit a little of Doc Martininto your day. "When we"re the end and around in harbor Isaac we acquire some quitebig crowds. But it never seems to it is in a problem. It"s no likethey"re shouting obscenities at us. It simply seems favor the mostnatural thing in the world to obtain on and also film around them. "The villagers space fine through it together well. Us negotiate our waythrough. Through and big it"s a an excellent thing for the village, because that thebusinesses, certainly. We"re an extremely sensitive to what they carry out anddon"t want and it"s cleared up really well, for this reason far."

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Filming the new series hasn"t all been enjoyable, however.Earlier on during the shoot the crew"s props male John Coleman, 58,was eliminated when he dropped from a cliff during a walk v friends. Filming ~ above the display was shut under for a day together a mark of respect. "It influenced us in all sorts of ways," claims Martin."It to be horrible, horrible. Quiet is. It to be a substantial shock in thislovely gentle ar where we come and also make believe and then something soviolent happens. It"s appalling, and we reeled indigenous it because that awhile." The drama in front of the camera, however, is thankfully not astraumatic. Collection two picks up whereby the very first one left off, and also we seethe doctor proceeding with company as usual in his brand-new home in thefictional town of harbor Wenn. "There"s a kind of acceptance of him, i think, by thevillage, however still the can"t set foot outside without being dubbed atosser," laughs Martin. "Even the parrot calls that a tosserthis series. "But he"s not going to adjust or take it his suit off orlighten up. That considers what he does rather serious and thinks thatlargely people who aren"t doctors are rather ignorant the it, for this reason thismakes him really insufferable." martin loves placing the fit on and also becoming the doctor for thisshow. He refuses come say it"s his favourite personality he"splayed, carefully saying, "my favourite is normally the one I"mdoing". Yet it"s evident that it"s in his comedy rolesthat the gibbs is the many comfortable. "I"ve obtained a emotion you"re more than likely right,yeah," that says. "On this I like the balance of drama andcomedy since we do shot and keep it an extremely real and also keep the drama veryreal, back it"s not a clinical show. "If it"s just, ha ha he fell over, orha ha someone"sbanged their forehead, it"s not that funny. But if one incrediblyserious guy walks right into the sheet of a door i think it"s funnier thanif a clown walk it." one more reason the Martin loves the present so much is it method hegets to job-related with his wife, producer Philippa Braithwaite. The coupleproduce Doc Martin because that ITV with their production firm BuffaloPictures, and the actor claims working and living together never ever gets tobe also much. "It means I acquire see her all the time, which suits me fine. Ican"t get enough of her so it"s great working v her.We"re simply really lucky. "Before ours daughter Emily to be at college I"d come homefrom work and also the last point I would talk about was work, however it"squite nice that we have this mutual thing now. In ~ the end of the day wecan sit down and also bitch around the crew," that laughs. Next for boy name is a return to one-off drama, miscellaneous hepurposely focused on law after males Behaving badly ended.

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LosingIt, which will be displayed on ITV, is based on real-life events and also tellsthe tale of an proclaiming executive that is diagnosed through testicularcancer. "He"s a family members man," describes Martin, "quitehumble, rather neurotic, and then unexpectedly this terrifying thing happensand it"s all about how the affects him, his family, his work, andhis bollocks Doc boy name ITV1, Thursday, 9pm
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Nov 5, 2005
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