Installation, Repair and also Replacement of john Deere Tractor STX38 and STX46 equipment Drive Belts (Black Deck)

Left-hand and also right-hand room referenced indigenous the allude of view of the tractor operator.The level backside that the belt rides on flat idlers; the inside vee rides in v-idlers and pulleys. This man Deere offers traction drive belt component number M74747 i beg your pardon is 104.72 inch lengthy x 0.5 customs wide, HA section 0.31 thick, 32 deg.; 38" black Deck belt part number M125218; 95.75" long x 0.56" wide, distinct section, 0.45 thick, 36 deg., Premium46" black Deck belt component number M119539; 137.48" long x 0.56" wide, one-of-a-kind section, 0.45 thick, 36 deg., Premium.

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#1. Overall view

Overall watch of STX38 equipment drive belt (#1). The infection is at left, electrical mower clutch at right.

#2. Middle idlers

Flat idler and v-idler pulleys in mid-section the the belt (#2). Connect the parking brake to provide slack in the belt.

#3. Flat idler and guide

The belt overview must be gotten rid of from the level idler pulley. Note just how the guide short article fits right into a feet on the idler arm (#3, blue). Eliminate belt native pulley.

#4. V-idler guide

The belt overview for the center v-idler pulley should be removed. Note how the guide post fits into a bracket on the structure (#4, blue). Eliminate belt from pulley.

#5. Brake latch eyebolt

Disengage parking brake and remove parking brake latch eyebolt (#5, blue).

#6. Tie rods

Both tie rods have to be disconnected in ~ the steering column (#6, red).

#7. Transmission pulley

The belt goes between the travel guide (#7, red) and also around the transmission pulley.

#8. Front v-idler

Remove the belt overview from the former v-idler pulley beside the engine sheave (#8, blue). Keep in mind that the belt goes inside the overview at #8, red.

#9. Clutch anti-rotation bracket

The electrical clutch should be disconnected and also removed. As soon as re-assembling the be certain to engage the anti-rotation parentheses (#9, red). The belt will be fed in between the belt guides (#9, blue) and around the engine pulley.

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#10. Prior section

Closer see from the left side of front section of the belt (#10). Electric clutch is checked out at left.