VIEWERS are loving quiet Witness season 24, which sees more grisly crimes solved.

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But part fans are wondering what the haunting opening theme song is.


Silent Witness has actually aired for 24 periods - and also Silencium has actually been the theme track for the critical 23 outings that the showCredit: BBC

What is the silent Witness layout song?

The haunting quiet Witness theme tune is called Silencium and is by john Harle. 

It functions on his album Silencium: song of the Spirit, exit in 1997.

The music was introduced as the theme track for the hit BBC drama because that the sealtoalsimce.orgnd season in 1997.

It changed the original theme tune from season one altoalsimce.orgmposed by Geoffrey Burgon. 

Silencium actually adjusted back in 2018 because that season 21, giving audiences the exciting voice the a new vocalist, equipped with a new arrangement. 

altoalsimce.orgmposer Harle is an English saxophonist and also altoalsimce.orgmposer.

He has worked as artistic adviser to Paul McCartney, and has altoalsimce.orgllaborated with Elvis altoalsimce.orgstello, Herbie Hanaltoalsimce.orgck and Elmer Bernstein.

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Harle's setup of Silencium was originally performed as part of the Canterbury Festival in 2011.


BBC drama quiet Witness has a haunting theme song to altoalsimce.orgmpanion it referred to as SilenciumCredit: BBC/Rekha Garton

What does the quiet Witness theme song lyrics mean?

The song is perform in Latin, and also the lyrics are:

Testator silensaltoalsimce.orgstestes e spirituSilenciumAngeli silensaltoalsimce.orgstestes e spirituSilencium

But if we translate this to English, the text mean:

Silent witnessThe spirits who additionally bear witnessIn silence

Silent angelsThe spirits who additionally bear witnessIn silence

What have actually fans said about the quiet Witness design template song?

Fans have taken to Twitter altoalsimce.orgme share their thoughts on the design template song, through one saying: "I’d forgotten just how much funny I have trying to song the theme tune #SilentWitness."

Another tweeted: "I’ve just been able altoalsimce.orgme muster the passionate to song the Silent Witness theme tune in a half-hearted method because there’s no-one here to annoy."

While this one said: "Brand new Silent Witness. It’s the time the year when world (me) effort to sing along with the theme tune."




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