In the late "00s, Jon & Kate plus 8 to be a fact TV hit. The present chronicled Jon and Kate Gosselin" lives as they raised their eight young kids—twins Mady and Cara, and also sextuplets Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Joel, and Leah. The hit series gave fans a look into a life that was far different from their own, yet then Jon and also Kate divorced in 2009 and also began do headlines because that things various other than their big family.

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The show may no longer exist, but in this period of society media, previous viewers have the right to still inspect in on the Gosselin family—and you can just it is in surprised by how old the children have gotten. ~ above Wednesday, Aug. 25, Jon post a photograph of two of his children, Hannah and also Collin, heading the end for their very first day the 11th grade. Check out on to check out that and an ext updates about the sextuplets, that are currently juniors in high school, and the twins, who space in college.

Jon post an Instagram of Hannah and Collin around to start their an initial day of junior year, posing with each other in prior of two cars. "First job of 11th Grade!!!!" Jon created in the caption. "Good luck Hannah and Collin!!! Love Dad." Many civilization in the comments created that they can"t believe it, because they remember spending so much time through them as small kids, thanks to the show. "Wow 11th grade ns remember watching lock in diapers," wrote one follower.

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Hannah and also Collin live through Jon, when the other kids live with Kate. Jon commented on the setup in 2018, informing People that while he has a solid connection v Hannah and Collin, his other youngsters don"t speak come him. "It"s what the kids want come do," that said. "If they don"t desire to speak to me, that"s fine, as long as they keep up v their sibling connections."

Kate does not article on Instagram often, but she has shared a few photos the the kids over the years. Most recently, she post a photograph of Aaden in July 2020 of that celebrating getting his braces off v some cake and candy. "Braces room a point of the past in this house! FINALLY!" she wrote in the caption. "Yay us! #LastBracesOffParty #AadenIsBracesFree."

Twenty-year-old Mady short articles on tiktok often, and has mutual videos documenting funny times v her siblings. In a video from earlier this month, she siblings and her mother go on a shopping trip and out for ice cream cream.

In another video, Mady shared some time invested outdoors with a pair of her siblings. In the subtitle she wrote, "sometimes ns forget that i like the outdoors."

Jon and also Kate"s two older daughters, twins Mady and Cara, space in college. Castle both attend college in brand-new York, however are at various universities. "It is the greatest mixed bag that emotions and also stress i have ever before faced," Kate told People in 2019 before her daughters left home. "Mady and also Cara yes, really steered the delivery in state of applying to colleges; castle knew what they wanted, and also I reliable them. That same feeling is going to have actually to lug me with my fears now when ns think around them going off on your own, fending because that themselves, being alone because that the very first time."

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