Précis: In “The Human cost of one Illiterate Society”, Jonathan Kozol, a Harvard graduate, argues that illiteracy cause the loss of selection or freedom and leads to plenty of problems. Kozol highlights his dispute with examples of as soon as illiteracy deserve to be binding such together “Many illiterates cannot check out the admonition on a pack of cigarettes. Neither the surgeon General’s warning nor its reproduction on the package can alert them to the risks.”(20). He gives extensive and detailed scenarios in order come raise awareness top top the damage of illiteracy.

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“ The Human expense of an Illiterate society ”
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Kozol addresses his readers so the they might spread awareness on illiteracy and eventually fix the problem.

Questions: 1. These explanations confuse the impacts of illiteracy v the causes by saying the laziness is the reason of illiteracy, once in reality illiteracy is the reason of innovativeness, the an illiterate has to adopt, the is seen as laziness and stupidity. Kozol refutes these stereotypes through his examples of just just how much illiteracy affect a person showing that they become almost immobilized and also isolated by it.

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In his opinion the nation and it’s leaders are at error for not addressing this problem.

4. The intricacy of the problem seems to recognize the stimulate of the instances where they start with straightforward problems and also then escalate. The most memorable example for me is the one about the mrs who wrongly underwent a hysterectomy, it shows up in the middle in paragraph fourteen.

SOAPSTone: Subject: Kozol discusses the causes and effects of illiteracy in our society.

Occasion- 1985 is a time as soon as illiteracy had a big impact on our American society and we weren’t coming up with any type of solutions producing larger amount of illiterates.

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Audience- This writing is directed to every one of his readers and also people who deserve to make a change and come up through a systems to this problem.

Purpose- Kozol wrote this publication in order to raise awareness ~ above illiteracy and its huge an unfavorable impacts and also encourage civilization to carry out something about it.

Speaker- Jonathan Kozol, as a Harvard graduate, a Rhodes scholar, and an owner the the National publication Award top top his first critique top top American Education, to be a renown writer that offered his reputation to bring attention come the trouble of illiteracy.

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Tone- Kozol suspect an informative however sympathetic tone in which that is siding through illiterates ~ above the reality that life is complicated and harmful because of illiteracy. He areas blame on the leaders of America for no seeing this substantial problem in prior of them.

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