Mesopotamia was an ancient civilization located in an area that the civilization we now know as the Middle East. It was bordered by two rivers—the Tigris in the east and also the Euphrates in the west. In fact, the name Mesopotamia means "the land in between the rivers".

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The Tigris and also Euphrates start in the mountains near the black Sea. As they wind their means south towards the Persian Gulf, castle deposit silt (fine sand and also earth) top top the surrounding lands. This renders the floor in Mesopotamia very fertile. Blessed with great farmland, the Mesopotamians to be able to grow sufficient food to support a large population. An progressed civilization slowly emerged.


Earlier girlfriend learned that Mesopotamia was part of a region known together the Fertile Crescent. Take it a minute to review that now by looking at the map above. An alert how the abundant Crescent stretched choose an arc (crescent) native the Mediterranean Sea in the west to the Persian Gulf in the east. This whole an ar was great for farming.

Now look at the modern-day map that the center East below in bespeak to put the fertile Crescent into context. You may have heard the Syria, Iraq and Iran in the news. If you do not recall where this region is, look at a human being map. Friend should have the ability to find the Mediterranean Sea right listed below Europe. 


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