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HCR is right now working on your sophomore album, which is due for release later on this fall. The producer this time incorporate Emanuel Kiriakou, who helmed “Tonight Tonight” and also has functioned with anyone from Jason DeRulo, Selena Gomez and Celine Dion come David Archuleta, Jesse McCartney and big Time Rush. “Eman,” together RK calls him, likewise co-wrote and also produced “Don’t rotate Out The Lights,” the very first single cooperation by new Kids top top the Block and Backstreet Boys. The ubiquitous producer and OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder developed the brand-new track “Hooked.”

“Working with an excellent producers choose these yes, really helps increase our game,” claims RK. “It’s necessary to job-related with producers who really share and understand our vision. Ns think on the an initial album, we came to be a small complacent once we believed we had actually a couple of strong radio tracks. Us threw in songs the were just for us, things that might be simply created around things favor bass riffs we liked. Feather back, it no a completely realized effort. This time, it’s going come be an extremely different. There’s no a single song that doesn’t have actually potential to be a radio hit. We’re really proud and confident the the direction we’re heading in.”

RK seeks to work out the fallacies about an artist’s chances of success gift greater because of solid musical family ties. “My dad is a talented writer with a lot of nation music hits to his credit, however he has no real connections in the pop music world, wherein our band’s ambitions lie,” that says. “It’s not choose he could make a call and also get us right into LA Reid’s office. It simply doesn’t work that way. What the did because that me and Jamie was provide us several essential skill sets. He taught us just how to write an excellent songs, and he taught us a lot about the music organization that help us protect against dark hallways and be wary of suspect offers. Top top the other hand, while having a expert songwriter dad offers us the edge, we live in Nashville, where you can walk into any bar and meet someone that works in the business. You can ask around the merits a transaction you are considering and also get a directly answer.”

Ironically, RK states his dad originally motivated him not to go into the music business. Both boys remember a time before their dad starting placing songs as soon as the family members had no money. “I don’t understand why I believed I might make it, yet I have absolutely stuck through it and also now we’re below on the verge of other big,” the says. “I guess i don’t understand what rather I have the right to do. Music is the just thing ns truly have a enthusiasm for.” Nash echoes his bandmate’s sentiment: “Growing up around music didn’t hurt, yet I was never pushed to perform it. I simply can’t mental a time when I didn’t want to play or write music.”

The an important acclaim warm Chelle Rae score even before “Tonight Tonight” became one of the best singles of 2011 appears to check that the 4 members determined the best path. Even as Lovesick Electric to be struggling in the crowded pop/rock marketplace, one reviewer saw the potential that is currently being realized.

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The wrote: “Hot Chelle Rae space honest-to-goodness rock and also roll in ~ its best — ripe and arrogant, sweating v tangible promise the hangs in the waiting at their live shows. Posh arrangements special refreshingly tasteful guitar, cracked lyrics, and also a 22-year-old lead singer dripping v charisma, leaving you discovering that these males will end up somewhere—everywhere.”