Shane Dawson freshly went top top Alison Rosen’s podcast and spilled about practically everything.

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He said that his bisexual reveal had actually very tiny to perform with his breakup – and also even talked about his bedroom antics v ex Lisa.

Shane Talks about What Sex with Lisa was Like

“I met Lisa. And she was my an initial kiss, and my first sexual experience, and also I dropped in love through her. It to be an amazing three and also a half year relationship.”

Shane praised the sex v Lisa. “Sex v her to be GREAT. Like, our sexual chemistry to be AMAZING! the was no an issue.”

He revealed that Lisa was open to anything. “I can have visited her and said, I desire to try stuff, and also she would probably have been like, let’s try it!”

Lisa and also Shane. (Photo: Instagram)

“She was no a closed-minded person.”

In a recent video, Shane additionally joked the the “amazing sex” was one of the things he missed the most.

Shane Reveals the His Bisexuality Had almost Nothing to carry out With your Breakup

“Did you break up since you needed to discover who friend are?” Shane to be asked ~ above the podcast.

Shane denied that was the case. “The totality sexuality thing was a really SMALL component of it.”

Lisa, Shane and Corny storage Thanksgiving. (Photo: Instagram)

“No,” the replied. “That’s the one remorse I have with both of our videos. We both were simply speaking therefore honestly. We didn’t arrangement anything or create anything down. Us did not define it right.”

Shane claimed that castle knew they were over, lot earlier. “We ‘broke up’ a year before that, since it wasn’t functioning out.”

He talked around some the the factors why that didn’t job-related it.

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Clickbait: Lisa’s wedding disappointments weren’t a joke, ~ all. (Photo: YouTube)

“Because she to be a small older, she was prepared for marriage and also kids. I was depressed, i didn’t enjoy the exact same things as her. She love to travel. I did not. Over there were every these things that we knew, or problems, the we just kind of ignored.”

“And the all type of concerned a head, and it simply didn’t job-related out.”

“So, the breakup to be a YEAR before this announcement?” Shane to be asked.

“I relocated out a year before. And we were doing the whole, let’s be together however separate thing. So us were quiet together, and we to be exclusive. Us were see each various other on the weekends. But over that year, the was yes, really clear that us were yes, really grasping. Stop on come it. Talking around going to couples therapy.”

Corny licks Lisa as Shane look at on. (Photo: Instagram)

“It was probably around three months before the coming-out videos. Us were like, okay, we tried. And then end the next three months, the turned into a friendship.”

“In the critical year of that relationship, other things roughly us just started crumbling. It was clear that it was no going to work out.”

“She was really influenced by it, because it transforms her whole life too. Nobody knew we had broken up. Only our friends and also family knew.”

“It to be a weird thing. No one cheated, nobody’s angry. Girlfriend still love every other. Us were family. Me, her and also the dog.”