The Implementation Phase has one an essential activity: installation the brand-new system in that is target environment.  Supporting actions encompass training end-users and also preparing to revolve the mechanism over to maintain personnel.  After this phase, the device enters the Operations and also Maintenance Phase for the remainder the the system’s work life.  Multiple-release jobs require many iterations that the Implementation phase – one for each release.

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1.0: missions / Goals2.0: Deliverables and Approvals3.0: Roles4.0: Tasks and also Activities5.0: Conclusions

1.0 goals / Goals


Successful completion of the Implementation Phase must comprise:

mechanism installation cultivate of end users top top the system


The function of the Implementation step is come deploy and permit operations that the brand-new information system in the production environment.

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2.0 Deliverables and Approvals

SDLC deliverables aid State agencies efficiently plan, execute, and also control IT tasks by providing a frame to ensure the all elements of the job are properly and also consistently defined, planned, and communicated.  The SDLC templates carry out a clear structure of forced content along with boilerplate language agencies might utilize and also customize.  State agencies might use styles other than the templates, as lengthy as the deliverables incorporate all required content. 

The advance and circulation of SDLC deliverables:

Ensure usual understanding among development Team members and also stakeholders, offer as a reminder of specified plans as projects become increasingly complex, carry out agency an elderly management and also other State officials understanding into project risks and also ongoing performance, Encourage the execution the repeatable and also consistent processes, Facilitate the implementation that project management and company IT ideal practices, and also an outcome in a an extensive record of job performance valuable for many purposes (e.g. Staff expertise transfer, budgetary and also other evaluate activities, class learned).

During the development of documentation, the development Team should:

compose comprehensive, easy to understand records with no redundant information. construct an organized document repository for crucial project information, so development Team members can quickly access, store, and reference project documents and other deliverables from every life bicycle phases. Implement routine deliverable evaluate to exactly inaccuracy, incompleteness, and ambiguities. Identify that sample templates for deliverables are available; agencies can accept deliverables in various formats as lengthy as all forced information is present.  The content of this deliverables might expand or shrink depending on the size, scope, and complexity the the project. Recycle or reference info from earlier records where feasible and beneficial.

The adhering to is a listing the deliverables required of all jobs for this phase of work. Deliverables need to be updated because that each iteration of the Implementation Phase.



Developed By

Approved By

Complete System – includes all code – modules, components, and also libraries – preserved in the production version that the data repository.

·      provide system that meets the company need and also all requirements

·      Deploy device to production environment

Development Team

Agency CIO

System Documentation – contains all technical documentation yielded during the task (e.g. The SDD and also the User Guide).

·      administer all documentation necessary to effectively operate and also maintain the system

Development Team

Agency CIO

Implementation Notice – officially requests approval for system changes made during the Implementation Phase.

·      Formally request approval for mechanism implementation

Development Team

Agency CIO

Project Sponsor

Readiness Document – consolidates an overview information about the current status that the system and also the project and provides decision makers with the information crucial to do a “Go/No Go” decision.  the should incorporate a checklist listing all work products, User acceptance Test (UAT) results, other indications of success measures and deliverable acceptance.

·      provide information essential to make the go/no-go decision

·      Consolidate standing information about the efficient completion of the project and success of project objectives and also SDLC requirements

·      Affirm success of all deliverable acceptance criteria

Development Team

Agency CIO

Version summary Document – primary configuration control file used come track and control version of software released to the to work environment. It additionally summarizes features and contents because that the software program build and identifies and also describes the variation of software application delivered.

·      enable for tracking and also control of software application releases to the work environment

·      paper features and also content in software program builds

·      identify the version of the software being delivered

Development Team

Agency CIO

Post-Implementation testimonial Report – summarizes the assessment of Implementation activities at the end of the Implementation Phase.

·      summary assessment that implementation activities

·      advice the efficiency of the system breakthrough after the device has remained in production

·      identify if the device does what it was designed to do

Project Manager

Agency CIO

Project Sponsor

Project Manager

Development Team

Standard Operating actions (SOP) (Optional) – specifies in information how the equipment Team will execute the company processes pertained to the operations and maintenance the the system.  whereas the User guide is concentrated on the use of the mechanism specifically, the SOP addresses every related organization processes.

·      carry out detailed instructions because that future business processes

·      Ensure continual execution of business processes

·      journey performance improvement and boost organizational results

Development Team

Agency CIO


All deliverables various other than those figured out as Updates need to be arisen in this phase.  Deliverables figured out as Updates have to be revisited and magnified as crucial as prescribed in this phase.

Deliverables created during this phase should be reviewed in detail and also should monitor the approval route as defined in the over table (for every iteration).  A signature page or section have to accompany every deliverable inquiry approval. will certainly periodically request duplicates of these papers as component of its monitor responsibilities.

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3.0 Roles

The adhering to personnel participate in the work activities during this phase:

firm CIO job Sponsor executive Sponsor job Manager breakthrough Team job Stakeholders



Responsible – Describes role that executes the tasks to attain the task. 

Accountable – defines roles that very own the high quality of the deliverable and sign turn off on occupational that Responsible provides. 

Consulted – explains roles that carry out subject matter expertise.

Informed – describes roles that obtain information about the task.


The Roles and Responsibilities page has comprehensive descriptions of this roles and also their associated responsibilities.


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4.0 Tasks and Activities


4.1 evaluation Phase Prerequisites.

The task Manager guarantee the following prerequisites for this phase space complete:

The job Management arrangement is current, and also the schedule showing the target termination date for the mechanism is current. All testing is complete; the system has actually passed UAT. The Implementation arrangement is complete and also current. The Conversion plan for legacy data and also business processes is tested completely for accuracy and completeness. cultivate plans come train finish users on suitable system use room complete. The mechanism documentation is complete and also available. The system has actually completed Certification and also Accreditation follow to the guidelines.

4.2 Monitor job Performance.

The task Manager monitors job performance by gathering status info about:

All transforms to baseline data readjust management details task progress with status details list of complete and also incomplete deliverables activities initiated and also finished high quality assurance testing and also test outcomes approximated time come completion source utilization data transforms to job scope

The job Manager likewise organizes and also oversees systematic top quality assurance evaluate of project work as a component of surveillance the job performance.

To measure up project effort at all phases the the life cycle, the project Manager creates timelines and metrics for success at each phase of work when planning task tasks.

The PMBOK provides additional details on regulating project occupational in part 4.4 and 4.5 and also on job scope control in ar 5.5.

4.3 update PMP and also Communication administration Plan.

The project Manager updates the PMP frequently (at the very least quarterly) come ensure the PMP reflects job performance accurately. Review job performance controls and also risks for deviations native the baseline.

Information dissemination is among the most essential responsibilities that the job Manager.  The job Manager reviews and also updates the interaction Management arrangement at the very least quarterly to account for potential alters in project stakeholders. The job Manager distributes the update PMP and risk management details according come the revised communication Management Plan.  PMBOK chapter 10 contains extr details on project communications and information distribution.

4.4 perform Risk administration Activities.

The task Manager conducts threat management tasks during the Implementation Phase; these tasks include:

to know – decision of dangers that might influence the project and emerging risks and also each hazard characteristic Risk evaluation – conducting quantitative and/or qualitative evaluation of each identified risk. Usually, qualitative risk monitoring techniques are the most applicable for State projects.  These risk evaluation methods, and the problems under i m sorry each an approach might be used, are explained in information in section 11 of PMBOK. Solution Planning – planning of techniques for occurring mitigation, transfer, or avoidance methods to reduce risk Monitoring and Control – tracking risks, surveillance residual risk, identifying new risks, executing solution plans, and examining risk management effectiveness

These activities occur throughout the job duration to track and also mitigate any new or changed project risks.  PMBOK has actually details for risk management tasks in section 11, specifically sections 11.2 with 11.6.

4.5 initiate Implementation Activities.

The breakthrough Team starts implementation through the following tasks:

choice of standards, methods, and also tools for deploying the system carrying out of Implementation Phase tasks according come the thorough project WBS started during the plan Phase.  Implementation tasks need to it is in performed for each release. Evaluation of the change management procedure to ensure all Test Phase changes have been documented

4.6 Install system in manufacturing Environment.

The advancement Team installs the mechanism in the manufacturing environment.  While installation the system, the advancement Team must keep the configuration info updated by adhering to the configuration Management arrangement defined in the design Phase.  The breakthrough Team will certainly repeat this activity for every iteration associated with a relax to production.

4.7 Send the adjust Implementation Notice.

The project Manager sends the change Implementation notice to all end users and also organizations influenced by the implementation.  In addition, the task Manager notifies those not directly impacted by the implementation of possible disruptions to common activity.  The readjust Implementation an alert includes the following:

Implementation schedule brief description of benefits of the new system Differences between the old and new system obligations of end users throughout the Implementation phase Instructions for contacting technical support, including contact names and also phone numbers

The breakthrough Team will certainly repeat these activities for each iteration connected with a relax to production.

4.8 evaluation the protection Plan.

The job Manager reviews the Security arrangement for forced security policies and procedures during the Implementation Phase. Confirm that end users will get training on protection policies and procedures according to the maintain Plan.  All documents about security policies and procedures are obtainable at the State Information technology Security Policy and also Standards net page.

4.9 Execute the cultivate Plan.

The task Manager oversees finish user training on the brand-new system.  Use the previously designed maintain plan and also the User overview to train the end users effectively.  Request end user feedback to recognize if the training to be effective.  The breakthrough Team will repeat these tasks for each iteration connected with a relax to production.

4.10 construct the conventional Operating Procedures.

The advance Team might elect to develop SOP to administer documented and detailed instructions because that performing all future organization procedures connected with the system operations and maintenance.  The SOP may reference procedures already documented in the User Guide, work Manual, management Manual, and Maintenance Manual.  The SOP should focus on non-technical procedures essential to execute future service processes. Because that multiple-release projects, the advancement Team should develop the SOP as part of the very first Implementation phase iteration and also then update the SOP for each added release.

4.11 Confirm system Documentation Completeness.

The task Manager reviews all system documentation to check that the is complete and correct.  Review carefully the Operations manual or System management Manual and also User guide to ensure they are prepared for the Operations and Maintenance Phase.

4.12 command Post-Implementation Review.

The task Manager – with substantial input indigenous the agency CIO, project Sponsor, executive, management Sponsor, the advance Team, and an essential project stakeholders – conducts the Post-Implementation evaluation (PIR).  hosted after implementation is complete and also the project effort is to be formally closed, the PIR is a formal evaluation of the actual level of project success.  The PIR might also help agencies learn an important lessons because that future projects. The advance Team will conduct a official Post-Implementation testimonial after the project’s final release to production. Interim reviews have to be carried out after each relax to recognize lessons learned to utilize for future releases.

4.12.1 testimonial the job performance

Review the project performance to assess whether the project yielded promised benefits, met the firm project objectives, operated in ~ scope, and produced the promised deliverables top top time, within budget, and also using the allocated resources.  Assess just how the project performed against each that the targets identified during the Initiation, ide Development, and also Planning phases. Identify whether the project:

yielded the organization benefits explained in the organization Case achieved the goals specified in the project Charter and PSS continued to be within the initial scope created the important deliverables as identified in the WBS Met the high quality targets identified in the high quality Management arrangement was completed within the planned task schedule delivered within the budget plan defined in ITPR and also any approved transforms 4.12.2 assess stakeholder satisfaction

Assess basic stakeholder satisfaction and also any perceived gaps that may require extr scrutiny.

4.12.3 testimonial the job conformance

Assess whether the task conformed come the management processes explained in the job plans, and identify the extent to i m sorry the project has actually conformed come the ripe project management knowledge locations of PMBOK:

Time management cost Management quality Management change Management Risk administration problem Management Procurement management Acceptance management communications Management 4.12.4 recognize project achievements

List the significant achievements because that the project, and also describe the positive result of each achievement on the business.

4.12.5 determine gaps in job fulfillment/project failures

List any kind of project failure or gaps in promised functionality and also describe their result on the organization.

4.12.6 determine lessons learned

Describe the lessons learned indigenous undertaking this project, and also list any kind of recommendations for comparable projects in the future.

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If ~ the testimonial the task Manager finds the project’s implementation to it is in unacceptable, the agency CIO may concern follow-up instructions and also instruct the task Manager to correct the deficiencies.  If home builders completed the development, the task Manager may recognize that added remediation job-related is within the scope of the explain of occupational or in the original contract.

4.13 execute Phase-Closure Activities.

The task Manager and also the advancement Team prepare and also present a project status review for the company CIO, job Sponsor, executive Sponsor, and also other project stakeholders ~ completing all Implementation phase tasks. This testimonial addresses the following:

status of Implementation Phase activities Planning condition for operations and also maintenance phases standing on source availability because that operations and also maintenance "Go-No Go" decision do to proceed to next phase, based on Implementation Phase details Transfer system administration responsibility to solution Team personnel