Comedienne Anjelah Johnson debuted a brand-new music video clip on YouTube, reprising her wildly famous fast food employee character.

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Bon Qui Qui is back.

The fictitious Mad TV character, made famous by comedienne Anjelah Johnson, has actually released her first music video clip — with a surprisingly high manufacturing value. The clip, titled “I’m a cut You,” includes weave pulling, choreographed run moves and also a shot at Antoine Dodson, the “Bed Intruder Song” viral video clip fame.

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The video clip was post to YouTube on Wednesday, Feb. 29 and also at the moment of publication, had amassed a just 300 views. The video still has actually potential to walk viral, together Johnson’s character has actually garnered a cult like adhering to online many thanks to a 2007 skit dubbed “Bon Qui Qui at King Burger.” The video has garnered 54 million access time on YouTube, featuring the actress repeatedly telling human being she would certainly “cut” them, practicing subpar customer business — to placed it mildly — and also rapping orders to the kitchen.

In 2008, Johnson to be nominated for an ALMA award because that her function on the map out comedy show. Mad TV to be canceled by Fox that exact same year.

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