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If you have dreamed around Amazon river and jungles however do like extreme and also do not want to sacrifice lull - this trip is for you.Luxury tourism on the very comfortable watercraft with high level service. Familiar staff, mainly local, haute cuisine, 2 watercraft / tropical tours every day, lectures top top the Amazon geography and nature, food preparation classes and also many various other interesting, enlightening, entertain things. Amazon nature is amazing similarly local people.Highly recommended for any 6+ age wild life lovers


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The Laguna Paron is one of the many beautiful lakes, and the largest in the Cordillera Blanca. It stands at about 4,200 meters over sea level, so unless you are already totally climatized to the altitude, take it easy hiking around. The water is a blue turquoise color. The lake is surrounded by gorgeous hills with snowy peaks, the most well known being the Artesonraju mountain. The roads almost everywhere are unfortunately horrible so the journey over is nice miserable yet definitely worth it. I would certainly recommend going beforehand in the morning, prepare your picnic before, and try to not stop all over to avoid shedding time. (I go there with a group who made a prevent to to buy food, we gained there as soon as the clouds had already started to cover the mountains).


Betania herbal Pools is located in the Natural region of the lower jungle, in the areas of the Native ar of Betania, Satipo - Junin.

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The Humantay lake altitude is 4200 m.a.s.l and this make an unique weather and also temperatura in this area. The Humantay lake Temperatura have the right to arrive to 5º C throughout the day and also at nIght drop under to 0º C.

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Great hike to acclimatize come Peru"s high altitudes.Not the easiest of hikes as it uphill and upslope because that 2 hours prior to you obtain to the beautiful the Humantay lake. Make sure you take her time and also rest to capture your breathe. The hike down is about 1.5 hrs to 2 hours.We obtained a taxi driver from Cusco to drive me and my mam to the start of the trace head. Automobile ride is about 2 to 2.5h and also we paid about 250 soles for rounc trip, for this reason the driver waited for us.

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We checked out the Millpu Canyon on a day expedition from Ayacucho v the travel company Huancaraylla Tours. We were very satisfied with the experience and would recommend going ~ above a tour fairly than independently, since it is much easier that method and the tourism allows an ext than enough time in ~ the website to make the most of it.It is a an extremely long journey (3 and also a half hours each way) on really windy road to obtain to Millpu. If you acquire motion sickness ns strongly recommend that you take part medication, because nearly no component of the road is straight.Once at Millpu the guide offered us 3 hours and let united state walk in ~ our very own pace, us did not have to stick to the group. For world who are provided to hiking this is simple hike, the takes about 15 minutes to come at the an initial pools and approximately an hour to acquire to the peak of the canyon. There is a rotate off under hill to acquire to the pools. It is no longer permitted to swim in lock thankfully, as the combination of continuous movement the the water (lifting those minerals that give the water the colour) and also dirty bodies intended that the water was loosing its wonderful colour and fungus was spreading.There are many amazing approaches along the well developed path from where you can see the pools indigenous above, what a sight! The course goes uphill, with some stairway sections, however it is never ever really that steep.We visited in mid October in ~ the start of the rainy season, yet had a beautiful clear day and the pools were a vivid turquoise/emerald colour. Apparently as soon as you come in the dry season (from might to September) the pools have a more turquoise colour and also when girlfriend come in the rainy season (from October to April) the pools obtain a gradually more green colour. In January, February and March the travel agencies carry out not market tours come Millpu.We finished the day eating a truly delicious trout at among the restaurants in ~ the trailhead.Millpu is a completely unique sight, so i would certainly recommend a visit there, however, ns was many shocked to find out that numerous foreign tourists that pertained to Ayacucho only come for a solitary day come visit Millpu and then lug on your journey come Lima or Cusco without visiting any kind of other sights. What a waste of opportunity offered that Ayacucho is one of Peru many attractive and also pleasant towns giving a marvelous variety of natural, historical and cultural sights, too as terrific restaurants and also accommodation. So mine advice would be to remain at the very least 3 job in Ayacucho.I would not introduce visiting Millpu throughout national holidays, whether it be for Easter, independence day or any kind of long weekends, since the vision literally it s okay jam pack with nationwide tourists. Once we visited on a week job in October there was barely anyone there, which to be obviously really enjoyable.There is a S/5 soles entrance fee come visit Millpu, i m sorry goes come the community.