This is no a man and a hippo act a reenactment the a cartoon chase. It's an competent park ranger, who narrowly avoided acquiring killed by the hippo through sprinting over a hundred yards.

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Hippopotamuses room adorably pudgy, strict herbivores and also kill much more humans than any other afri animal. You cannot outrun them; they’ve to be clocked at 30-40km/h (19-25mph). You cannot outswim them; on average, hippos can swim 8 km/h (5 mph). And, you definitely cannot fend castle off; the average weight of an adult female is 2,900–3,300 lbs., a masculine 3,300–4,000 lbs., and also older males can reach 7,100—9,900 lbs. (Eltringham, 1999). Yo hippo’s for this reason FAT not also Dora can explore her. Require I cite that the bite force of one adult female hippo is 1,821 lbsf (Barr, 2008)? 


Despite their power, zoologists claim that nervousness in combination with ar nature fuels their ferocious behaviour. Similar to most animals, hippos fiercely protect their young, but, in enhancement to that, males ruthlessly security their harems, which deserve to contain 5-30 females. Apex predators such together crocodiles, hyenas, leopards and lions are no complement to your strength and relentless determination to remove any type of threat.

Armed with just the couple of facts stated above, it’s difficult to conflict that hippos are among the deadliest animals in the world. To further demonstrate this point, the following reports are a simply a few of numerous unfathomable story of hippos attacking and also killing humans:


Spencer Tyron, a hunter, was eliminated while searching near the shores that Lake Rukwa, Tanzania. A bull hippo turned end the dugout canoe indigenous which Tyron was shooting, AND bit OFF HIS HEAD and SHOULDERS. 

– framework & Frame, 1974.


A Cape town groom is in counseling after ~ watching helplessly together a hippopotamus eliminated his bride in the Okavango Delta while the couple were on honeymoon in Botswana.

Bruce Simpson, 30, and his wife, Janice, 32, were travelling through a overview in a canoe top top Tuesday once the hippo overturned their boat.

After the hippo tipped the three out the the boat, Simpson watched helplessly together it closeup of the door its jaws on his wife’s chest, biting her v her heart and also lung, killing she instantly. The Simpsons to be married barely two weeks earlier on November 29.

Jordaan, Maranet, 2003


The mangled human body of an Mpumalanga villager to be recovered ~ above Sunday ~ an adult hippopotamus near the holiday town of Hazyview assaulted him.

Alfred Dube’s body, with deep bite marks come his torso, was discovered trampled in a thicket over 10m indigenous the Sabie flow by distraught friends and neighbours. The hippo seized him on Friday morning when swimming across the strongly flow river v two friends.

“The guys knew the flow was home to crocodiles and hippo, however claim they had no other means of crossing. Dube to be the second to swim across, and also appears to have actually been seized virtually exactly in the center of the river,” said local police spokesperson Captain Benjamin Bhembe top top Monday.

“He screamed and struggled, yet was apparently unable to cost-free himself from the big animal’s jaws. Once he was dragged underwater, his horrified friends ran for aid in the opposite directions.”

Hazyview police station nearly immediately dispatched a rescue team, but was can not to trace the absent man. “All we discovered were some very big blood stains ~ above the river financial institution near the scene,” stated Captain Bhembe.

“We’re still unsure whether Dube was dragged right into the thick thicket and also then trampled, or whether he to be trying to escape. The most far-ranging injuries were two deep bite wounds in the back, said Captain Bhembe.

“Hippo death Mpuma man,” 2004


If those stories weren’t dreadful (you may be a sociopath) climate the following video clip should, at least, offer you a healthy are afraid of hippos. For the good stuff, watch from 1:00 come 1:36. (Spoiler: no one dies or is hurt in this video).

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On a lighter note, right here are some interesting facts about hippos:

Hippopotamus’s closestly living family members are whales and also porpoises native which lock diverged around 55 million years earlier (Hedges & Sudhir, 2010).The earliest well-known hippopotamus fossils day to around 16 million years earlier (Hippopotamus, 2011). (Maybe they assault because of “get off my lawn (river)” syndrome, together the human species is young by comparison).“Their skin secretes a herbal sunscreen substance the is red-colored. The secretion is periodically referred to together blood sweat, however is neither blood nor sweat. This cheap is initially colorless and also turns red-orange within minutes, eventually ending up being brown” (Hippopotamus, 2011).


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